Friday, September 26, 2008

29 and holding....

I have always wondered why people say that, now I I am officially 29 and holding!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lots to talk about...

Alright I know it has been awhile so hang with me as we do some catching up...

Two weekends ago was the beginning of soccer season.  We played in the preseason tournament and took second place on Sunday afternoon in the championship game.  Congrats to Adams Lawn Service U-8 girls soccer team.  We actually lost to a team full of Kaylee's friends and as competitive as you all know that I was a hard fought game that we HATED to lose!!!  Just kidding...I know half of you reading this has a child on "that red team"!!!  hehheheheheh!!!  Love ya guys!

Last weekend we started our regular season games with a win. We played again this morning and that was another W for our little girls.  So that is 2-0 for the green team!

My long time friend Ashley got married last Saturday in Murfreesboro.  It was such a sweet little wedding and we are so happy for her.  She and Billy make a great couple....CONGRATS!  

Kaylee & Ethan

Kara Brooke
{I love that look}


On Sept. 16 Kris and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary.  He stayed home with KB while I took Kaylee to soccer practice.

Our engagement picture 

Kara Brooke went to see Dr. Bradley for her 4 month check up on Wednesday.  She tipped the scale at 17lbs. and are you ready for this.......27 in. long........WHEW!  Of course she is off the chart on her height and almost off the chart on her weight.  She is measuring the size of a 6 month old.  She is now going to be eating cereal mixed with fruit from a spoon two times a day.  She also said that she could have 4oz. of juice a day if she needed it but try not to start the juice just yet because she don't want her getting use to the juice and not wanting her formula.  So today I had to buy size 3 diapers and some Gerber 1st food banana's.....this little girl is just growing WAAYYYY to fast!

And just in case you have not already heard this family........

                                                                    having a BABY BOY in January!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Monday, September 1, 2008

Kara Brooke's new trick!

Well it is official KB can now roll over from her back to her tummy.  So...she was at Mom's playing on her floor mat and Mom walked away from her for a minute and when she came back...taaadaaaaa....Kara Brooke was on her belly up on her elbows looking around.  Now she will not lay on her back at all, she immediately rolls over and then gets mad when she is on her tummy.  Good thing is her nose seems to drain when she is on her belly.  I have been trying to upload video of her but it seems to fail every time.  Not sure what is wrong maybe because I use a mac and not a PC.  Any ideas on how to get this video uploaded, please let me know.

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day!  Bring on Fall!  I'm ready for cooler weather, soccer games, football games, Bell Buckle craft fair, Halloween, homemade chili and the beautiful colors and smells!