Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I can't begin to tell you how much I love and cherish both of my girls, if you are a loyal reader of my family scrapbook, you already know that!  But today I'm very proud of Kaylee as she was chosen by her classmates as "Kid for Character" for fairness.  It just makes my heart swell to think that other 2nd graders saw this in her and chose her to represent their class.  She was rewarded by a trip to Burger King for lunch and her picture will be in the local newspaper!  It was a very exciting day for her!  And since I'm talking about our sweet KK let me just mention how great of a big sister she is too!  She is such a big help and most of the time will do things I need done without me even asking.  She is so smart and such a perfectionist.  She truly has a heart of gold and for the most part is always on her best behavior.  She is two months shy of being half way to 18 and sometimes that sassiness gets her in trouble.  But I know its her age and we will get through it!  Congrats Kaybug....you make us so proud and we thank God everyday for you!  Love you sweetie!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend & early birthday gift

We kicked our weekend off at the softball field of course.  We played the team that beat us in the preseason tournament championship game.  So we all knew it would be a rough game but our girls came out hitting the the ball well and never looked back!  Kaylee had one of the best games ever.  She hit the ball well, got on base all four times but it was her defense that really stood out.  She plays 3rd base and man she did great.  I mean really great, I lost count of how many out's she tagged but it was quite a few! The coaches took them to Dairy Queen for a little ice cream treat afterwards!
Our weekend fast pitch tournament in Lawerenceburg was cancelled Friday night due to storms that were predicted to hit Saturday morning, I was so glad they did!  I did nothing Saturday and I mean nothing, other than fixing meatloaf for dinner!
Sunday I got up and cleaned the house, while I was working away I came back in the den to get the vacuum and found this....

...awww baby girl was helping her Mommy!  Later in the afternoon we went to Nana's to eat our Sunday dinner and enjoyed a little time outside!

Nana surprised Kara Brooke with an early birthday present!!  A new wagon with a canopy!  We are planning to take it to the ball parks to keep the sun off of little miss.  It is the ultimate Radio Flyer wagon, complete with two padded seats that fold down flat or one that folds to make a table, a ton of cup holders and a storage bag! It is AWESOME.....thank you sooooo much Nana!!  I just know it will be used a ton!!! 

Ha!  Daddy told the girls to hang on, that he would pull them home!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  We are gearing up for another busy week!!!  Only five more weeks of school too!!  Whooohoooo!

Friday, April 23, 2010

2010 Draft Party with the Titans

Last night we attended the 2010 VIP Titans Draft Party at LP field!  We had the best time and Kaylee was already asking could we go back next year!  The bank that I work for is the new official bank of the Titans so they along with Coke and Logan's Roadhouse sponsored this event.  We got to eat dinner, tour the locker rooms, meet several players, play games on the field and of course watch the draft on the big Titan screen!  Kris had as much fun as the girls did but of course he is a huge football fan!  I must admit I had a great time too even if it was drizzling rain the majority of the time and my hair looked a T-total mess!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Busy, Busy....

.....and it's just beginning!  I have a little catching up to do so bear with me!
Last weekend, beginning on Friday night Kaylee had a preseason Rec league softball tournament.  They won Friday and played again Saturday and barely won the second game, it was a real nail bitter in so many ways but they won.  They played a third game won it and headed into the championship game.  Bless their little hearts they were all so tired by 6 o'clock it was terriable.  They lost by about 10 runs but we could not have been any prouder as they had to play more games than any other team to stay in the tournament.  They took second place and that was just fine by everyone!  Congrats girls!

Sunday afternoon I had a 31 party.  If you are not familiar with 31 do yourself a favor and find you a consultant!  They have the best totes, bags, purses and so many other things...all things that can be monogrammed...and you know how I love me some monogramming!!!  Here are just a few pics of the "after" party I forgot to get my camera out...Duhhh!

My BFF Susan and our 31 consultant Sandy!{side note- Sandy also dates Susan's brother!}

Our friend Ali!  She just got engaged the weekend prior, so happy for her but so sad...she will be moving to Texas after the wedding!! {sniff, sniff!}

Us four!

Kris' Mom and Kara Brooke

Wild Child!

Even Daddy got in on a little 31 action! ha!

Kaylee was on spring break this past week she stayed with a teenage girl and it worked out perfectly, too bad I can't have her all summer!  They did have the best time and I had no worries all week!  We only had two nights of ball this week too...ahhhh it was so nice!!
Saturday, the girls, my mom and myself got up early and went shopping ALLLLL day long!!!  We had the best time, we got a lot of birthday shopping done for Kara Brooke's big day!  Kaylee got quite a few things too because Nana said it would all be picked over by her birthday! ha!  We have some lucky little girls!!!  We ate lunch at Steak n Shake and then Daddy and Papaw met us at Cracker Barrel for dinner!  Wheww...thats my kind of day!
Today has been very low key, I have got a lot of laundry done, Kaylee had 3 hours of softball practice, Kris went to the grocery and Kara Brooke has just been playing and eating leftover Easter candy!!! ha!
I think we will grill some steaks tonight and get geared up for back to school and softball season to officially start tomorrow evening.  We will have three games and a a travel ball scrimmage this week!  Also our first travel tournament is this next weekend too!  Busy, busy.....but really they are only little once, there will be plenty of time to rest when I am old!  ha!
Have  a great week!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


We had a very blessed Easter weekend!  The weather was absolutely beautiful and there is nothing better than spending time with family and reflecting on the rest of the Christmas story!  

Enjoy our pictures!