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Vacation PCB 2011--Day 1

This year we could not decide where we were going for vacation, I wanted to go to the beach and Kris wanted to go to Gaitlinburg.  It was Friday afternoon before we decided where we were going, with the help of my bestie, Susan, finding us a condo and convincing my husband he would spend less at the beach!!
Tuesday night at 11pm we packed up he car and headed out!  We arrived in Panama City Beach at 6am Wednesday morning.  The kids did great, Kaylee slept the whole way there and Kara Brooke slept most of the way.  It did make the trip so easy driving at night...I was skeptical at first!
Since we couldn't get in our condo until later on in the afternoon we made the most of our first day.  We had breakfast and then headed out to stroll down the pier.

After that we went to hang out with our sweet friends, The Sanders family.  They were down there on vacation and more importantly their oldest daughter was there to play in the Fastpitch World Series!

After visiting with them and checking in our first condo....and then our second condo.....yes I said 1st and 2nd condo we headed to the beach!!  Just a little side note, our 1st condo was not up to Kris' standards...much less mine!!!  I will not go in complete detail but trust me it was F-U-N-N-Y...I felt like I was on HGTV's condo hunters or something!!  Anyway we got settled in our awesome condo and hit the beach!!

After the beach we got cleaned up and met back up with The Sanders at Pineapple Willies for dinner we had the best time and we are so thankful for such great friends!!

Acting silly before we left!!

Getting ready to ride go carts not real sure what KB is doing in this picture!

KB having fun!

Taylor was the go cart CHAMP.....even though Kris thinks he was...ha!

The first day ended with two tired girls!!!