Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine's Day & sick, sick & more sick

This has been one crazy week for the Adams bunch.  Monday of course was love day and Kara Brooke had to go back to the Dr.  You know she had the flu and then pneumonia last week and she was wheezing and coughing again over the weekend and last Sunday night.  So Valentine's morning she headed back to the Dr. for more xrays, sure enough pneumonia in the other lung!  Good the Dr. put her on a very high powered antibiotic that Kris had to wait for to come from Vanderbilt Children's Hospital and she got a shot in the clinic.  It is the same drug that they use in IV's when kiddos are in the hospital with pneumonia.

That evening, Kaylee started feeling really bad and was coughing her head off too.  I was thinking she probably just had a sinus infection so I gave her some meds and she went to bed.  Tuesday morning she got up with a fever.  REALLY???  I stayed home with both girls, Kris took Kaylee to the Dr. and guess what......yeap Kaylee had the flu too!  Two very sick little girls at our house to say the least.  I went back to work Wednesday and Kris stayed the rest of the week with them.  I'm so thankful for him and that his business hasn't got started real good for the season just yet.  
Thursday rolled around and now Kris has the flu....I promise I am not telling a story or exaggerating in anyway....wished I was but nope not at all!  Thankfully by Thursday Kaylee had started feeling much better but Kara Brooke wasn't showing much improvement at all.
Thursday night I wasn't happy with KB's improvement at all and I knew something wasn't right so I called the Dr. and she said to try to make it through the night and be at her office first thing Friday morning.  So Friday morning KB and I headed back to Dr.  She sent us back down for more chest xrays, the 3rd set in 10 days and then back up to Dr. B's office.  Thankfully the very expensive drug from Vandy was doing it's job and there was almost no sign of the pneumonia left.  Basically what was going on was KB had a kid version of COPD.  Her airways had swollen and had infection inside of them.  She put her on the breathing machine and gave her a liquid steroid in the clinic.  Her O2 saturation was kind of low but not low enough to go to the hospital.  Dr. B. sent us home on the steroid and the breathing machine.  So far so good.  KB still has a cough but not near as bad and I do still hear wheezing form time to time.  Hopefully, (fingers crossed) we are on the road to recovery.  
Kaylee played basketball Saturday her choice....and said she felt great.  She had a great game too.  Actually all of the girls did fantastic, so much improvement by these girls in 6 weeks- we won 27-2.  Two more games left and it will be softball season.

Tomorrow is Presidents Day and both kids are going back to school and Kris has to work and I AM OFF!  Yeahhhh.....definitely need me time!  
I am very THANKFUL that everyone is feeling better here and very thankful that it wasn't any worse than what it was.  Even though I thought I was going to pull my hair out at times......

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Busy Weekend

Friday night was the community benefit for the Korley Davis family.  And let me just say WOW!!!  I can not get over all of the people first of all.  I bet there was over 2000 people in attendance!  And then WOW...WOW...WOW....
at the people opening their hearts and wallets!  Stuff was selling for thousands of dollars and hundreds of dollars.  It was absolutely amazing and such a blessing to be a part of a community that came together for such a sweet family in their huge time of need!

Kara Brooke got her face painted and she was hilarious after it dried.  She would rub her check and say, "Momma, is my paint still on?" ha!  Our girl is too funny and had the best time!!

Kara Brooke her her buddy Zola!

Aren't they sweet?  Ha..don't let those sweet smiles fool ya...they are both ring tail tooters!!!

Kaylee was at the benefit too but she was not with us she chose to hang out with her friends in the kids zone most of the night.  So I don't have any pictures of her!

Saturday morning we had another basketball game.  We did win and the girls all did good-they are improving so much every week!
As soon as the game was over we headed to Kaylee's sweet friend Kayden's birthday party!  It was so neat they had an open stage with mics and a dance floor!  It kind of reminded me of my junior high days when everybody kindof sat around at first and then it was on after that!!!  The kids had a blast!!!
Kayden, the birthday girl is in the middle!

We loved her her tie dyed, peace sign cake!!!  Great choice Kayden!!

The crew!
It's hard to see them all since the lighting was so dim!

Of course KB was there too!

We had to leave the party early to make it to another birthday party of one of favorite friends, Jaley!
Jaley and Kaylee went to preschool together and have been playing softball together now for a couple of years.  We LOVED Jaley's cake too!  PERFECT...for the sports girl that she is!

Of course they had a friendly game of b-ball going!

Kara Brooke and sweet Mattie!  KB loves babies!

And here is Jaley's party crew!!

Kaylee spent the night with the birthday girl and KB and I headed to meet Kris, Nana and Papaw for dinner.  KB was so tired she slept through dinner and then went back to sleep so after we got home.  To much partying for her!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, so tonight we had to get all of our Valentine's ready and cookies baked for school tomorrow!  I was kind of surprised that Kaylee's class was still going to exchange cards but very happy that they are and not letting them grow up too fast!
KB really wanted Minnie Mouse cards but we couldn't find any so she settled for Oliva!  Kaylee chose Wizards of Waverly Place!

And my husband surprised my with my Valentines gift today....

a new Vera Bradley bag and wallet!!!  I LOVE it and I LOVE him!
He is truly the best!
THANKS honey!
I LOVE you!! 

Happy LOVE Day to you all tomorrow too!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

We watched the super bowl with Nana & Papaw at their house and of course Nana fixed an awesome dinner!  I wasn't really cheering for either team but Kris on the other hand was a Steelers fan and Nana & Papaw were cheering for Green Bay!
It ended but being a pretty good game even though Kris' team lost!

Nana had fixed ribs, pulled pork, rotel, baked chicken, baked beans, potato salad and two different kinds of cookies.  We all made BBQ nachos and ummmm I about died when I turned around to see this plate of food!!!

Lets go in for a closer look.....

OHHHH MYYYY....seriously???? 
 I feel sure there was some serious heart burn after all of that!! ha!
I apparently cut some of the picture off I was laughing so hard, sorry about that!

Our girls were ready for some football!!
This picture is a little sideways too...I was probably still laughing at my husbands plate!!!

Have a great week!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Last week

As you can imagine this past week as been a very hard one.  It's still so hard to believe that little Korley's battle is over and that she is resting and breathing peacefully in the arms of Jesus.  She has been a true inspiration to all of us and even though she is gone she will never be forgotten.  It reminds us to never take anything for granted and to live everyday like it was your last!

On the evening of Korley's death, we had a very special surprise for Kaylee.  First of all she was chosen to be the "Tipoff kid of the game" at MTSU.  What that means is she presented the game ball to the referees before the game in front of everyone.  She was so excited and could not wait!  What she didn't know is that she was going to get to meet her favorite player, Anne Marie Lanning after the game.  Actually she got to meet the entire team and get their autographs on her shirt!  You would have thought we gave the kid a million dollars!


And this is Anne Marie and Kaylee.  I have been told that I have to get an 8x10 of this picture so she can hang it in her room!  So glad she has such a positive role model!  Too bad she is a senior this year!

After we got home and Kaylee came down from cloud 9, as I was putting her in bed she said to me, "Momma this was the best ending to the worse day ever!"  How sweet was that, of course as I walked out of her room tears filled my eyes and was I ever so thankful for two healthy little girls!!

And since I'm journaling all things this week- Kara Brooke came down with the flu!  It was thankfully a mild case but never the less enough to weaken her immune system so that three days later we went back to the Dr. and she now has pneumonia.  She is on two antibiotics and still the Tamaflu and she is doing really good.  She has not had a fever since early this morning.  Actually I went to the high school game tonight and Kris said..."She is definitely over it...she has been wild as a buck!!"  Yeahhhh!!!

Of course Saturday morning brings basketball game for Kaylee.  Last week we won, I don't think I ever got that on here.  This week we lost to the same team as we did last time.  However it was a much better game and my girls did exactly what was asked of them!  That makes me proud!  However we had TERRIBLE officiating, on both sides.  There was so many bad calls on both teams it was not even funny especially since these refs are official TSSAA sanctioned!  And don't think I didn't let the folks in charge know about it!!  So, who really knows what the outcome of the game would have been if we (both teams) would have had better officiating!

Tomorrow is super bowl Sunday!!  I guess I cheer for the Steelers, since they sent autographed items to be auctioned off at Korley's benefit this coming Friday night!  I actually enjoy the commercials  and of course my Mom makes the best food.  I think we are having BBQ, rotel nachos and who knows what else!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Korley met Jesus this morning

Thank you for praying for our sweet friend however Korley went to heaven this morning to rest peacefully in the arms of Jesus!  Below is the article that our local paper published tonight.  Please take the time to read, I promise you, you will be inspired by Korley just the way we are.  Please also remember her family and friends during this most difficult time.  RIP Korley we love you and we will miss you!

For Korley Davis, the long hard battle is over. The Liberty School sixth grader, who would have turned 12 on Friday, died Wednesday morning at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.
She was the daughter of Becky and Donald Davis of Wheel.
"Liberty School is in mourning today as we have suffered a great loss," said Principal Mike Novak in a written statement. "Korley was a fantastic student and more than that, an amazing person. She was, and is, a role model for us all. Her influence touched so many lives in more ways than we will ever know. Her strength, attitude, and enthusiasm were unmatched."
Plagued with lung problems, Korley. who already defeated leukemia in her short life, had been on a heart and lung bypass machine for some time, trying to build up her strength for a lung transplant. A donor had been found at one point, but Korley was determined to be too weak for the operation and was taken off the list, with assurances she would be placed back on the top as soon as her doctors felt she was strong enough.
That day never came.
Her plight captivated people from far and wide and captured the hearts of all who knew her -- and many who did not. A beautiful young lady with a big grin and mischievous eyes, she had an entire county showing its support with green and yellow ribbons everywhere and "Pray for Korley" signs on mailboxes, schools, churches and businesses. The night before her death, WTVF television in Nashville broadcast a moving report on her plight and on the community's response to it.
Novak said that parent volunteers were at the school Wednesday morning to give teachers time to speak to counselors, who were brought in from all over the county to work with both Liberty students and teachers.
"I am so proud of my teachers and all of the members of the Liberty family," said Novak. "They have displayed amazing leadership as we all get through this difficult time."
Novak said that Korley was clearly a leader among her peers at the school.
"She strengthened the school, and her classmates," he said. "Her always-positive outlook has given us all hope in dark times."
"Korley is truly a blessing to us all and touched so many lives," said Michelle Bayne, Korley's cousin, in a written statement to the Times-Gazette. "She left a lasting impression on everyone. Lord, you have truly gained a beautiful angel named Korley."
Last summer, as a result of the Shelbyville Central High School's Make-A-Wish Foundation fund drive, Korley was given the VIP treatment at the CMA Music Festival. She even got to meet her favorite performer, Taylor Swift, visiting the singer on her tour bus.
Granting the wish brought particular satisfaction to SCHS students. The school has been active in the Make-A-Wish program for several years, but until Korley, the school had been assigned a series of out-of-county youngsters for whom to make funds -- all deserving, certainly, but with no special connection to the community. In Korley's case, the school had not only a local connection, but a personal one, since Korley's mother Becky is a teacher at SCHS. The ceremony last May at which Korley was informed of her upcoming meeting with Taylor Swift drew hearty cheers from the SCHS students and faculty in attendance.
While the doctors were trying to wean Korley off of the heart and lung bypass machine, Korley's two sisters, Khloe and Kaitlin, were at Liberty, making a short video segment showing the entire school's support. The original plan had been to send the video clip to ABC's "Good Morning America," hoping to have it air as part of the show's 50th anniversary celebration, and its "Your Three Words" promotion.
The entire student body climbed into the bleachers by the football field. Although the school's colors are normally red and blue, on Thursday afternoon, they were green and yellow, the same colors of the ribbons begin posted, the colors of hope and homecoming for the young girl.
Shirts, sweaters, dresses, even socks were bright green, Korley's favorite color. The younger students waved pom-poms made of green crepe paper while the older students held up the three words, familiar to all in Bedford County.
"Pray for Korley."
As PTO president Kristy Weaver recorded the event in her video camera, the children, on cue, shouted the words out loud. The camera then zoomed in on a picture of the almost-12-year-old, grinning from ear to ear. The photo was held by her sisters.
"This school has been so supportive," said family friend Missy Landers at the rally. "She's a very special young lady."
WLIJ-AM announcer Keith Cook played the Diamond Rio song "One More Day" in Korley's honor Wednesday afternoon, followed by a memorial moment of silence so long he warned listeners in advance not to think the station had gone off the air.
"The support for Korley's family, classmates and teachers has been overwhelming," said Novak. "Her journey with us at Liberty has come to an end, but her legacy will live on, and her memory will never be forgotten."