Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sneak peak

A few new pictures that Kris & I made over the weekend.  We are trying our hand at doing our on photography of the girls.  I have shared just a few, I'm trying to save the best ones for our Christmas cards!

After we finished with the pictures we were starving and just happened upon one of my favorite places...Bell Buckle Cafe.  Oh my goodness it was soooooo yummy!

Kaylee was ready for some good food!

Kara Brooke was too!!

Kara Brooke made a happy plate and was looking for more..... could she be smiling at this....

Now that my friends is something to smile about!!  Bell Buckle Cafe's carmel oatmeal cake, Yum Yum!
After we ate we just strolled around Bell Buckle in went in all of the shops.

What a great ending to an awesome day!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 09

I am so thankful this holiday season for so many things.  Sometimes we get in such a routine that we so often take things for granted.  I am truly blessed with a hard working, video game playing, little girl tickling, crazy acting, on call babysitting of a husband that loves me and his girls very much!  I am as equally thankful for two healthy, beautiful, smart and fun loving little girls!!  That are without a doubt my pride and whole life.  I am thankful that we were able to spend our Thanksgiving Day with the ones we love the most!

Kaylee, Nana & Kara Brooke {I think KB is saying "eaaattttt"!!}

We started our day out watching the Macy's Thanksgiving parade.  It has become a tradition to watch while we are getting everyone ready.  Then we head to Nana's for lunch.  After Kara Brooke got her belly full she had to have a nap so Kaylee, Nana and I headed to Wal-Mart and K-Mart to see if we could run up on any deals.  We did not but we had a great time just being together.  Nana did get Kaylee a Christmas tree for her room to which I might add she is totally stoked about! {pictures to come soon of that!}  Daddy & Papaw stayed home and watched a movie.

Later in the afternoon we drove over to MeMe's house and ate dinner and watched "Santa Buddies" {cute cute movie}.  We stayed and played for awhile but KB was ready to call it a night!  We had an awesome Thanksgiving Day and just so thankful for each and every one of my blessings!

Kara Brooke had so much food on her that she had to go take a bath.  Girl knows how to eat!

And to end our Thanksgiving night we read our Elf on a Shelf story to start the Christmas season!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Fall Fling, Soccer party & birthday party

Hi friends....
I did not post at all last week...we were just so busy.  Sorry about that, with all the hits that stat counter counted,  I can tell you  all missed me! haha!  Anyway, we are officially on "winter break" no extra circular activities until mid January.  I will not know how to act or know what to do with all my time.  Of course we will be going to some high school basketball games and also getting ready for the holidays!

Once I again I have tons of pictures to share.  These first ones are from Kaylee's school's Fall Fling.  It was a little different this year but the kids had a great time.  And I bought my very first Vera Bradley bag that the auction.  I  LOVE it it so much, it is a messenger bag and everything fits inside!!!

Cake Walk!

We always do a year end party for our soccer team and this year we had it at Pizza Hut.  It was so loud and wild but I think everyone had a great time!!!  Kris and I have made some of the best friends through Kaylee and I am so thankful for them!

These three girls have been best buddies for a long time, since preschool in fact.  They all three go to different schools and have remained such good friends which of course makes me real happy because they get along so well and they are just a joy to be with!

And if you have not already heard...these two will become one in April!!  I am so excited for my dear friend that I can not even see straight, she is such a wonderful person and he is not so bad either!!!

Saturday night my above friend Wendy, turned 30 and that wonderful guy that she is about to marry hosted her an awesome birthday party!!  We had so much fun, I seriously have not laughed so hard in a long time!!!

There you have it, hope you all have made it this far with me!!  I think we are now up to date!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving week!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

18 months

Kara Brooke,
You are a year and a half old today!!!  Why in this world do you have to grow up so fast??  Really, I can not imagine life with out you; you bring so much laughter to our home and your sweet personality makes me want to just eat you up....Oh but when you get mad....whew it is NOT a pretty sight!  You for sure get that from your Daddy...what a temper you have little girl!!!

We went to see Dr. B. yesterday and you are just getting so big.  You weigh 25 pounds and 10 oz. which is the 75th percentile {a lot better than the 97% that you used to be when you were born! ha!}, you are 33 3/4 inches tall which is in the 97th percentile.  Dr. B. said,"I knew the day this kid was born she was going to be a tall girl!"  I hope that means you will be a great basketball player!  Dr. B. also was trying to make an arranged marriage with her little man but I told her you were already taken by Nate.  You recieved 3 immunizations and your seasonal flu shot.  You cried for just a little bit but you are a big girl and really liked the sucker that the nurse brought to you.  Also Dr. B. said that you have a sinus infection and gave you some meds to get you over that.

You finally have more than 4 teeth, you have 7 almost 8.  You still eat pretty good.  Some of your favorite foods include; mac & cheese, green beans, green peas, chicken, fruit, popsicles, suckers, candy, doughnuts, really ANYTHING! ha!  You repeat everything and you are trying to say everything some of your best words right now are Dada {you think everything in the house belongs to Dada as you point to it and say Dada!}, Mama, Nana, trassshhhh, shhhhh, Dax, dog, bite, yes, KK, dis {this}, mine, Bubba {Nate}, babe and bye bye.  Your vocabulary is growing everyday and we really have to watch what we say or at least Dada has to watch it! You can do the motions to "Itsy Bitsy Spider" as you mumble.  You love to be outside and with winter coming you are not going to like that we have to stay in and play.

You are really doing better with the whole biting thing and now we are getting a handle on how mad you get when you don't get your way. has been a challenge as you are totally opposite of your sister.  Dr. B gave my some reading material to help us handle your temper tantrums and Mrs. Amy also gave me some good books to read.  You will get there sweet girl; it's not all your fault, you just have too much Adams' in you! Bless your heart!!!

You love to give hugs and kisses and it is just so sweet when you pucker those little lips up.  Also you make kissing noises when you know you have done something that you should not for sure know how to work your Mommy!!  You are just so smart and learning so many new things everyday.  I wish we could just slow time down.....
I think God everyday for you and so happy that he saved you just for us!!!

Happy 18 month birthday little sister!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween {part 2}

Finally I was able to get some of my pictures off of my old camera.   Enjoy....

Monday, November 2, 2009


We had a great night trick or treating, we just hit up the granparents and then headed over to BawBaw and SamSam's.  Kaylee went around the neighborhood with some of the other kids and they had a big time.  Kara Brooke stayed back with me and the other two babies and we just played and ate! 

I am having a hard time uploading pictures from my little camera {since my big nice camera is messed up and in the hsopital in Laredo, TX} so I hijacked these two pictures from Susan's blog, cause I know you all have been dying to see my glamorous witch and pumpkin!