Saturday, May 29, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Honor's Day

Congrats to our sweet Kaylee for a job well done again this year!  She got an award for Principal's list, which means she got straight A's every six weeks!  What more could we ask for? She does such a good job and it seems to come so natural for her!  

Kaylee and her buddy Gracie Beth!

Kaylee and her "favorite" teacher, Mrs. Hill.  She says that every year!

Kaylee & Nana!

Mom, Dad & Kaylee
We are so proud of you KK, keep up the good work, I can't believe you are going to be in the 3rd grade this fall!!!
But for now let the summertime fun begin!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kara Brooke's 2nd Birthday Party

Hot pink and black polka dots and oodles of poodles and very little rain made Kara Brooke's birthday a huge success!  We planned it for late Sunday afternoon to try to work around Kaylee's softball schedule and at the beginning of the weekend we thought it was going to be a juggling act to fit it all in and that Kaylee wasn't going to get to be there.  But God sent just enough rain to cancel the tournament and dried it up quickly so that her party could still be outside!  Isn't it wonderful how the man upstairs works?  It worked out just beautifully and I think everyone enjoyed themselves!

Yummy..... the food.....We had chicken salad croissants, pasta salad, sausage & cheese puffs, strawberries, grapes, chips and dip, punch and of course cake and ice cream. 

Waiting for everyone to arrive!

Guest gifts!

The cake was SOOO CUTE, exactly what I wanted!  Valerie at Wild About Cakes was the artist!  If you are in need of a cake in the Shelbyville area you have to check with her, she is the best!  And trust me it was just as yummy as it was cute!!

Kara Brooke thought the cake was pretty good too!

And THE BEST GIFT of the day was the Dora potty ring, seriously have you EVER seen a kid this excited over learning to use the potty???  I just hope this excitement last when we get down to it! ha!  I've got a feeling it will not!

Kara Brooke and her Bubba!  She was so excited to see him!

Thank you all so much for coming and chancing the weather with us!  You all made KB's 2nd birthday amazing, what a lucky little girl!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kara Brooke is 2!

WOW......Really 2?  I have no idea where time goes but it goes entirely too fast!  Seems just like yesterday we were getting ready for this little {or big} bundle of joy!  
I took the day off to spend it with our sweet baby girl and I am so glad I did, we had the best day!

Kara Brooke,
You have really grown up in the last 3 or 4 weeks.  You are staying during the day with our neighbor next door, Jada and her little girl Julia.  You absolutely LOVE it and you get so excited every morning when it is time to go.  You all have so much fun and you all are always on the go, which you love, I think you did get that one thing from your Mommy!  You are talking so much.  You can say anything and you will repeat everything.  Your little voice is so sweet and your personality is so funny!  Even when you get in trouble we can't help but turn our heads and laugh!  You have the funniest facial expressions.  You are always so sweet until it doesn't go your way!  You are trying to use the potty, you do it most of the time at Jada's but you have done it twice at home and you were so proud of yourself!

You went to see Dr. B today and you were so good.  Of course you just talked up a storm and did everything that she asked you too!  You weigh 30 pounds and you are 32 inches tall.  Wow...Dr. B. has always said you were going to be a tall girl!  Everything else checked out perfectly too and Dr. B said you were very smart even though you told her you were "treeee" instead of two! ha!

We love you to the moon and back little girl and we are so thankful that you are such a healthy, happy and strong willed girl!  I am so thankful God saved you for us!  You complete us!  Happy Birthday Kara Brooke, we will celebrate big time on Sunday!!!

After we got finished at the Dr. we had to take Kaylee back to school and it just so happen to be lunch time for her class so Kara Brooke and I ate school lunch {yummmy pizza, remember the rectangle kind? my favorite, back in the day!} then I brought KB home for a nap.  Daddy came home and while baby girl was sleeping I went and got a pedicure...ahhhhhh....just what I needed!  After nap time it was time to go get Sissy from school and head to softball practice.  Our night ended at Legends for dinner with Nana, Papaw and Meme.

They were singing Happy Birthday to her and she was looking at them like they were crazy!! hahaha

Ummmm...yummy...chocolate cake!

Seriously Kara Brooke....were is your fork?  I told ya this kid is a mess!

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010