Sunday, September 25, 2011

Heavy Heart

Today I come and ask for prayers for my sweet friend Julie and her family.  Julie's sister Leslie lost her six month old baby girl, Brooklynn this morning.
Julie has always been one of my best friends and in High School I know I spent more time with her and her family than I did my own.  We played basketball together and grew up in the same church together.  I was in a grade higher than her and after I graduated we kind of went our separate ways but any time we would see each other it was just like we never missed a day.  She was in my wedding and I was in hers.  She was there when my girls were born and I was there when her boys were born.  On the side she owns a photography business and she has done almost every single "professional" picture my girls have ever had made!!  Julie is just a jewel.....she has always had a strong faith and she is just an amazing strong and so loving.  I just kills me to have to see her family go through this season of life!!!  But even in all of this as I weep for The Armstrong's I still find inspiration and strength from my friend are her words...

Last night I went to bed knowing that my favorite time had come...SUNDAY. Sunday is the day I go to church...go to my mom and dad's...spend the day..playing and most recently...enjoying my two favorite things...Gunner and Brooklyn. Holding them...rocking them...taking their pictures... This Sunday would be the same...or so I thought... Then came the sharp knife...

Phone screaming...Julie, pray...Julie, please pray...I am coming mom is all I could get out. I am running...fell to my knees in the driveway..moonlight hitting my face....pleading with God...PLEASE DON"T DO THIS...Please GOD!! Get myself together...get in the I ever get there...what will be there when I get there? What am I going to say? I am sure she is fine...just a bad cold..she will be fine.

I get one is there yet...I find my way to the ambulance bay...then I hear it...that sounds so different when it is someone you know in it. I fell to my knees...looked up to the dark sky...pleaded again, PLEASE DON'T DO THIS GOD! Then it came again....the sharp knife...

Her short life had been lived...God needed her more than we did. for a moment...I am angry...I am so disappointed...then it came...God's love. He told me through many of you, I am here...I hear you...I have her in my arms Julie...She is still...and KNOW...I am God. Your pain is my pain, God said...Let me comfort you, let me hold you. God is holding us together...through our pain...through our unanswered questions. HE IS and forever will by our ROCK. my saving grace, my everything.

NOW I must be the shining light for my sister. I will..God has asked me too, honestly...HE has asked us all to be the shining light in times of darkness. And there are many times the darkness comes...who are you being a shining light for? Are you creating the darkness? blowing the candles out others have burned? Have we done what God has called us to do. TO LOVE!!! To love at all times and to love EVERYONE. God is Love. He is not angry...HE is not faultfinding....He is not HATE...God is LOVE.

My sweet baby girl...our only baby girl...Brooklyn...I was there when you came into the world and there when God decided to call you home...I miss you terribly...I know Heaven is a beautiful place..I know Grandaddy is so proud and showing you off right now. I bet my friend Jen has even found you and kissed you too. We are sad...we are heartbroken...but God is taking care of us. I love you...forever your juju....

Isn't she amazing???  Please pray for Julie's sister Leslie and the entire family!!  I love you Armstrong family!!!!  Rest in peace, Baby we know you are safe in the arms of Jesus!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

High Voltage

Kaylee's softball team played in their first fall tournament last weekend.  New coach, new sponsor and a new attitude was a great combination and the girls won the tournament out of six teams.  We were very proud and an undefeated weekend is just what these kids needed!!!  Now they are getting ready to play some stiffer competition in a few weeks, the girls know that is what it takes to get better and they are ready for that challenge!!

Kaylee is taking orders!

Orders must have been to hit the ball!!!  ha!
Good job Kaylee!!

Taking a break before the championship game.

Middle TN High Voltage!!