Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Basketball 3-1, Softball & Swim

We had our fourth basketball game Saturday and it went really well!  Our little team did such a great job, they just do my heart so good when I see them improving each week and learning the fundamentals of the game!  The score was 10-7, Kaylee only scored 4 points this week but two were clinch free throws to seal the game!  She makes us so proud and boy she loves the game so much.  We only have two games left and she is already sad about it!  A big huge THANKS to Mrs. Zena for coming to our game!  We were so glad to see you since we already miss you and Mr. Doyle, maybe we will see on the softball fields next!

Speaking of softball, as soon as our basketball game was over we loaded up and headed to the softball drafts.  Kaylee did real well in the draft and we couldn't have asked for her to do any better since she has not picked up a glove since late last summer!  We are also really excited about her team and her coach, we are hoping for a great season this year with lots of new things to learn!

Also next week Kaylee will start back swimming two days a week and then fall back to one day when softball practice gets back in full swing! We have been on a swim hiatus since Thanksgiving, mostly because it was just to cold and to too many other things going on.  So as you can see we are gearing up for a busy spring and summer, just the way we like it!  Oh and on a side note I have hired a "summer nanny" this year to help out, {really it is just a high school girl, but Kaylee thinks it is neat to call her the nanny, not so sure a high schooler will think that is neat.  I'm sure the title of babysitter will be just fine by her!! ha!}  She will be keeping Kaylee and running her beginning April 1st- no more Barnyard Kids for Kaylee, never thought we would see that day!

Valentines Day

We had a great Valentine's Day this year.  We had dinner with my parents at the Olive Garden, oh so yummy and then we took the girls to Toys R Us to pick out a present.  Kaylee choose an iCarly intercom system and Kara Brooke picked a new baby stroller.  We did a little more shopping and Kris surprised me with new diamond hoop earrings!! We had a great day and so thankful for time with our family!!!

Me and my beautiful mother, do you think we favor?

Nana & Kaylee

Nana & Kara Brooke

Enjoying dinner!

Kara Brooke always enjoys her dinner!

Our silly girl!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Basketball and Birthday party

Today we had a very busy day.  We had basketball pictures, two basketball games and a very fun birthday party to attend!  We are now 2-1 on the record.  We lost our first game today by two, which in Kaylee's coaches opinion....that should not have happened! ha!  Oh well we will get them next time! ;)  We won our second game by 10 or 12 not sure.  I think total today Kaylee might have scored like 6 or 8 not much, her team mate had the hot hand today!!
After the games we came home grabbed some quick lunch and then Kaylee and I headed to Bell Buckle to paint some pottery to celebrate Kayden's birthday!  Wow, what a great place to have a party the girls had a blast, I can not wait to see their finished products!

Kaylee picked a cat to paint.  I think it ended up brown with green eyes and pink ears!

Kayden, the birthday girl!

Kaylee and Taylor!

Working so hard!!

What a sweet bunch of girls and boy!
Kaylee, Taylor, Kayden, Emily and Jaycee

We came home and worked on consignment sale and then watched Fireproof!  Let me just say if you have not seen that movie it is a MUST for everyone!  I cried like a baby and look at things in such a different light!  I would love to hear if you have seen it and what you thought about.  Kris and I thought it was AMAZING and would highly recommend it to everyone!

Friday, February 12, 2010

21 months old

Oh my goodness big girl you have grown entirely too fast!!  Slow down, please!!  You are constantly changing and doing so many new things.  You babble all the time, sometimes we don't have a clue what you are saying but we carry on great conversation!  You will respond to everything we say and can communicate well with commands.  You are VERY independent and you like to do everything all by yourself.  You are still a very good eater and you still think you are the boss! ha!  You have your Da's funny personality and are a spiting imagine of him!  You still use your self defense....biting, when you feel the need.  

Monday, February 8, 2010


Kaylee's first basketball game of 2010 was a HUGE success!  We won 6-4 in overtime!  Nothing like a close game at any level! ha!  Kaylee scored 6 points including the last second shot at the buzzer to win the game!!  We were very excited and so proud!!!  I think basketball may just be her favorite sport!!  Taking her to so many high school games has really paid very intention!  Just kidding...but really she does have her Mom's heart for the game!!!  We are so proud of you Kaylee, keep up the good work sweet girl!!