Saturday, February 13, 2010

Basketball and Birthday party

Today we had a very busy day.  We had basketball pictures, two basketball games and a very fun birthday party to attend!  We are now 2-1 on the record.  We lost our first game today by two, which in Kaylee's coaches opinion....that should not have happened! ha!  Oh well we will get them next time! ;)  We won our second game by 10 or 12 not sure.  I think total today Kaylee might have scored like 6 or 8 not much, her team mate had the hot hand today!!
After the games we came home grabbed some quick lunch and then Kaylee and I headed to Bell Buckle to paint some pottery to celebrate Kayden's birthday!  Wow, what a great place to have a party the girls had a blast, I can not wait to see their finished products!

Kaylee picked a cat to paint.  I think it ended up brown with green eyes and pink ears!

Kayden, the birthday girl!

Kaylee and Taylor!

Working so hard!!

What a sweet bunch of girls and boy!
Kaylee, Taylor, Kayden, Emily and Jaycee

We came home and worked on consignment sale and then watched Fireproof!  Let me just say if you have not seen that movie it is a MUST for everyone!  I cried like a baby and look at things in such a different light!  I would love to hear if you have seen it and what you thought about.  Kris and I thought it was AMAZING and would highly recommend it to everyone!

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