Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Girls trip to Chattanooga

This morning two of my very dear friends, myself and our kiddos loaded up and headed to Chattanooga for the day!  We had the best time, our girls are such good friends.  They all three went to the same preschool and now they are all in different schools so they don't get to spend much time together.  So what a better way than to just get away for the day!  Our first stop was at Sticky Fingers for an early lunch.  Let me just say if you like bar-b-que and have never tried Sticky Fingers you must try it!!  So yummmyyyyy....

After lunch we headed over to the big water fountain so the kids could play for awhile!!

iT is a huge fountain in the middle of a beautiful park that lots of folks to go just to get wet!!!

Cool picture Kayden!!

After awhile at the fountain we took a strole through the park to find some yummy shaved ice!!!

To end the day the kids rode this huge carousel several times!!  We didn't have to spend much money at all on our day trip but the memories that our girls are making will last a lifetime!!!  Thanks Amy & Wendy, we can't wait to do it again next year!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rec league awards

As I have mentioned before Rec league softball is over, really I can't believe it, it went by so fast!  I am glad to be home more during the week but then again I will miss it.  But fall ball is right around the corner! Kaylee had some new coaches this year and we were very pleased with them, she always does better when she has some hard coaches!!!  This will be the last year for her to play coach pitch she will start kid pitch in the fall.  I hope she likes that as much as she has loved coach pitch!  Our baby is growing up too fast!!!

Bemis took 3rd place out of about 9 or 10 teams!

Kaylee and her buddy Kate!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sliders weekend

As usual we had another weekend of softball! We were in Murfreesboro and this weekend was a repeat of last weekend, our girls took 1st place again!!  We are so proud of all of them!  Here are a few pictures of the championship game!

Kaylee hits the ball!

She rounds second base!

And she comes home sucking wind!!!

The Sliders have done it again!!

They have won another 1st place trophy!

Kaytlee gets her trophy.

Here they are, Shelbyville Sliders!
This is the sweetest bunch of girls ever and they all have improved so much and just have been a joy to cheer for and watch weekend after weekend!!!

These two are sure excited about something....could it be that they were about to head to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate their repeat 1st place weekend!!!

I accidentally left the camera in the car while we were at CEC
but here are a few of the girls on the way back home!!

Congrats girls you make us so proud!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I have been so excited this week because we are done with Rec league ball and we will be home 4 out of 5 nights this week.  Travel ball is still going strong but that is only on Wednesday's and then of course the weekends.  I have been so excited to cook and get my house picked up and go to bed early.  Somehow things never go the way I plan.  As I am cooking dinner, I turn around just in time to find this.......

You guessed it, a whole bag of Fruity Pebbles!!!  Who is the culprit you ask???

Well if I were a betting person I would put my money on this little mess.  I mean seriously KB cover up your evidence, at least!! 
So see how my down time turned into more than I had planned???  And while we are talking about dinner and all tonight, let me just tell you about that....I had Kris grill steak and chicken outside while I fixed fresh fried okra, mashed potatoes and rolls {in between cleaning up the fruity pebble mess}.  I had everything on the table and Kris was bringing the meat in and guess what happened.....ahhh don't even try you will never get it right.......Kris dropped the whole platter of meat, shattering the platter and meat fling everywhere!!!  What in the world.......there was no picking it up and brushing it off.  People..... I'm talking about grilled perfectly and smelling ohhhh so good chicken & steak covered in glass.  Really.... now what... throw it in the trash and put some hotdogs on!  hahahaha, that is all I could really do was laugh after we got the second mess of the night cleaned up!!!  Dear me, I will never plan on a smooth, easy and relaxing evening again!!!  

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day weekend

We had a really nice but very busy weekend.  Friday night my stepbrother and his family came in and we grilled out and and just visited until late in the evening.  Saturday morning we got up and got ready for some Shelbyville Sliders softball.  Our tournament was here in town and our girls placed FIRST....whooohoooo!  We love some weekend softball!!

After the tournament we headed back over to Mom's to hang out with the family, grilled some steaks and chicken and then went swimming.  Again we stayed entirely too late but we only get to see them maybe three times a year if that.  We love it when they come in and can not wait for them to come back!!
Sunday we went and picked up Kaylee from Nana's but before we left the girls gave Kris his gift.

He had been wanting an iPod now that they have the radio on them.  I think he was super excited!
 We then headed to Murfreesboro to meet MeMe and Tom.  Kris choose to eat at Toot's and it was SOOOOO good, especially the fried pickles!  Yummy!

Of course we tried to get some good pictures but you know how that goes....

And it just goes from bad to worse......hahahahaha!!!

...and then it just wouldn't be true Kara Brooke fashion without getting in trouble and laying down to cry!!! 

Thank goodness the fried pickles came, that kept her busy for a little bit!

After the tummies got full at Toot's we had to run over to the Avenue for a short little visit and then back to Nana's to spend the rest of the afternoon with them!  
It was a very busy but awesome weekend.
Hope you all had a great Father's Day weekend too!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mexican treat

Today was Kaylee's actual 9th birthday!  We always do a friend party and then a family get together as well.  And since we have been soooo busy I didn't have time to do the normal cookout for the family that I always do so Kaylee choose to go out for a little Mexican treat before she had to be off to another birthday swim/slumber party!  

And of course we tried to get a good family picture and KB was doing this.... we did a retake and Kaylee was doing this.....

...oh me....they act just like their Daddy!!!
Happy Birthday Kaylee!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday Kaylee

We celebrated Kaylee's 9th Birthday at Nana's this year.  She choose to do a swim party again because she could have more friends.  It was a huge success with lots of fun animal prints!

The fabulous cake was again done by Valerie at Wild About Cakes.  I'm telling you, if you need a beautiful, yummy cake you have to call her!

Happy Birthday Kaylee!  It is so hard to believe you are 9 years old!  Seems just like yesterday you were a tiny, curly blonde baby!!  My goodness you are growing up WAAAAYYYY to fast!!!  We love you so much and enjoy your sweet and funny personality!