Monday, March 30, 2009

MiMi's Cafe

We tried out MiMi's this weekend during the tornado in Murfreesboro, it was pretty good, I especially liked the different breads that they bring when they seat you. Kara Brooke loved it too because they brought her a little bowl of Cheerios, an orange slice and a pack of crackers! HEAVEN! She loved that since it wasn't her lunch or dinner she scored big time. Girl LOVES to eat! Here she is trying out the orange for the first time. {sorry the quality of the cell phone pics aren't good}

Monday, March 23, 2009

Has Spring Sprung?

I sure think that it has!  The last few days we have had beautiful weather.  I love spring time,  the trees and flowers blooming, the grass turning green, cooking out, the nights getting longer, playing outside and softball season...on the other hand I HATE spring storms, I am extremely scared of storms! {no comments from you Susan}

We got out Sunday and went TV shopping with my parents and ate at the Olive Garden.  The girls were so good and had a big time.  Kaylee was glad to break out the capris and flip flops and Kara Brooke was just glad to get out!  

 Kara Brooke's new thing is laughing hysterically when she hears someone else laugh.  Here she is acting silly at dinner tonight.

Yes I realize that most pictures that I post of KB are in her highchair...but that is the only time she is still long enough to take a picture.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

making progress

Kara Brooke took 10 steps tonight!
{I wasn't able to get pictures of that so these will have to do}

Monday, March 16, 2009

new word

So Kaylee has really got bad with the word "WHATEVER!".  I mean she is saying it all the time behind every sentence. She is not saying it to me or her Dad or being disrespectful, she just LOVES the word!  So Kris told her she had to quit saying it so much that it was becoming very annoying.  So today she breaks out with, "WHAT + EVER"!!  Oh my what a genius!  We just laughed........... 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

On fire!

Yesterday was our last basketball game and we won 18-4!! Wheew!  I have never been so proud of one group of girls as I was with this little team, they learned soooooo much in just six short weeks!  But since this is my blog and my family scrapbook  I have to brag on one little girl in particular.....

...this firecracker scored 16 of those 18 points!!  Did you hear me? 16 of 18 points!!!!! Her daddy nor I could hardly believe it.  I mean she was hitting everything she threw up!  I think she missed about 4 times BUT who cares!!!  She totally found her niche yesterday and when we got home she told me that the reason she was able to score was because "I kept working to get open!"  That's right baby girl about time you listened to your Momma!  I guess all those antibiotics Dr. Womble put her on pumped her up!  Nana & Papaw----SO sorry you two missed such a performance!  {they try not to EVER miss anything but had to be out of town this weekend!}   Congrats again Kaylee... YOU WERE ON FIRE!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kara Brooke is 10 months old!

Did I really just say 10 double digits???? WOW!!  It seems like her first year is going by way faster than Kaylee's first year did.  She is doing so many new things and she has one funny personality.  She is standing up and letting go.  She has taken three steps and then down she goes!  She wants to eat everything in sight and says "UMMMM" to let you know she wants some.  New foods that she is feeding herself are peas, carrots, biscuits, all of the Gerber treats {her favorite is the yogurt bites} Cheetos, crackers and anything else she can get in that little mouth!  Her babysitter has feed her ravioli and chicken noodle soup.  She still only has two teeth but seems to be working on the top ones.  She is laughing out loud and KNOWS what NO NO is but thinks that is funny too!  She dances anytime she hears music by shaking her head and shrugging her shoulders.  She LOVES her big sister more than anything {other than eating} and calls for her all of the time!  She is just as precious as she was the day she was born and makes us KNOW that our family is complete!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kaylee is sick

It all started early Sunday morning while Kaylee was spending the night with Gracie Beth.  Mrs. Andrea said that she got up at 5 am and said that she was thirsty when she was getting her something to drink she felt of her and she was burning up with fever like 102 to be exact she gave her Tylenol and Kaylee slept a couple of hours before coming home.  When she got here I could tell she felt horrible; her little eyes were swollen and she was really snotty.  She slept most of the day and her fever never went back up.  We thought she just had a bad cold from playing in the snow and then playing basketball and getting hot.  Sunday night she seemed so much better and off to school she went Monday morning seeming to be ok.  She said Monday afternoon that she felt a lot better.  {I think because she knew she had b-ball practice and I told her she couldn't practice unless she was better}  Monday night she went to bed at normal bedtime and woke up Tuesday morning at 3am and NEVER went back to sleep.  She said she just couldn't sleep.  I thought well her little body is just off schedule.  So Tuesday around 11:45 I get a call and it is Mrs. Pitts Kaylee's teacher.  She said, "Holli, Kaylee is sound to sleep on her desk.  We was in the middle of handwriting and I looked over and she was out!  She almost fell asleep doing her AR this morning and said that she didn't sleep well last night."  Of course I freaked out that is not like Kaylee at all.  Mrs. Pitts went on to say that they had just finished lunch and they were fixing to go to the library but she was going to keep Kaylee in there with her and let her sleep and then she would wake her up after library and take her temp.  I was ok with that but hated that she feel asleep in class!  She called me a little while later and said that she woke up and didn't have a temp and Kaylee said that she felt better.  So the rest of the day I was so worried about her.  When I got home I could tell she still wasn't herself and thankfully it was Dr. Womble's late night.  She saw her and immediately ran the flu test.  That came back negative {thank goodness} and then she ran a few more test.  She came back in a short while later and said that Kaylee had a very serious sinus infection.  She said that her little sinus cavities where so impacted that she didn't see how the child was even breathing!  Needless to say she put her on a high powered antibiotic and several other meds and said that she could not go back to school until Thursday.  Also her temp had spiked to 101 when we got there.  Dr. Womble said if I saw no improvement by Friday to bring her back and may have to go a different route like the ear, nose and throat Dr. So today she stayed at home with Kris and got breakfast and lunch in bed.  She looks so much better today already.  Hopefully she will be able to go back to school tomorrow and get back on track.
While we are talking about Kaylee I should mention that she has one more basketball game this Saturday and then softball practice starts 30 minutes later!  The one good thing about softball starting is spring and summer are just right around the corner!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Meet Pebbles

Aren't they sweet!
This is about all KB does with a sippy cup!
After we took the Pebbles hair do down!
Helping Mommy with the laundry!
I know not much to read but these pictures say enough!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009