Monday, March 23, 2009

Has Spring Sprung?

I sure think that it has!  The last few days we have had beautiful weather.  I love spring time,  the trees and flowers blooming, the grass turning green, cooking out, the nights getting longer, playing outside and softball season...on the other hand I HATE spring storms, I am extremely scared of storms! {no comments from you Susan}

We got out Sunday and went TV shopping with my parents and ate at the Olive Garden.  The girls were so good and had a big time.  Kaylee was glad to break out the capris and flip flops and Kara Brooke was just glad to get out!  

 Kara Brooke's new thing is laughing hysterically when she hears someone else laugh.  Here she is acting silly at dinner tonight.

Yes I realize that most pictures that I post of KB are in her highchair...but that is the only time she is still long enough to take a picture.


Ali b said...

I love the ones of her laughing!!! She is a cutie!!

Susan said...

Two cute girls!! Did I hear someone say Tornado!! :) You should feel safe because you know Kris ( aka the weather man) will keep you posted in time to take cover!!

Patsy said...

Both the girls are growing so fast. I have Heather's today. We have had a exciting day.

Robyn said...

They are both too cute!! I hate Spring storms too!!