Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 3

Nothing to special today.
Breakfast-yogurt & water
Lunch- same as yesterday except I had pretzels and peanut butter.  I also got my bubble busted by my bestie Susan that the to go peanut butter cup that I was devouring was ummmmm....SIX points!!!  Thankfully I had only ate half of it and the rest went in the trash!!! Water to drink
Dinner-not too good, a handful of Cheetos and a handful of cheez-it snack mix.  We went to the homecoming football game at K's school.  Thankfully I sat with Andrea and she was my motivation for not snatching nachos away from my kid and pizza away from hers!!!  haha!
Had about five bottles of water today.
Also I did not get to walk tonight, got home too late! :(
Oh well maybe tomorrow will be better.....NOT.....we are taking in potluck for a coworkers birthday!!  I'm telling ya right now I'll not do good!  I am going to try really hard not to do horrible but no promises!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

some cute stuff & day 2

You all know I am a lover of all stuff bows, polka dots, high heels, ruffles, monograms and girly girl clothes!  My friend Robyn and I have the same taste, we seriously love all of the same things and thankfully her little AC is one year older than my KB so lucky for us we get to buy AC's hand me downs!  Anyway...Robyn has started making her own hair bows and the are just adorable.  They are my kind of bows too...big, thick, lots of ribbon and even! She is really doing a great job with them.  She has now tried her hand at painting, painting pumpkins that is.....when I logged on her blog this morning.......ahhhhhh, oh yeah my kind of pumpkin!!  You have to go visit her here and check out her new crafty stuff!!  Be sure to leave her some comments too and tell her that I sent you!!

Now on to day 2...I don't plan on giving you all 90 days of what I eat but I will be doing this for the first week at least and then maybe the next week, just depends on how well I do.  As soon as I WANT to eat something bad, I think NO I don't want to have to write that on the blog!!  ha!  Hey whatever it takes I guess....
Breakfast-oatmeal and water
lunch- Subway,turkey sandwich on wheat with pepper jack cheese, green peppers, lettuce salt and pepper.  I did get a tiny bit of ranch on it too.  I can't stand mustard even though I know its better for me.  Also I had a small bag of the baked Ruffles.  Water to drink
dinner-we did homemade pizza on thin crust with pepperoni.  I had three small slices...I know at least one two many, but I was starving.  I have to start eating a snack in between lunch and dinner just so I don't get that hungry.  Water to drink.
I did have 6 bottles of water or 96 oz. so I was very happy about that.  
After dinner I walked a little more than a mile.  It is eight laps around my driveway so I did 10 tonight.  Tried to make up for that pizza!!!  For snack tonight I had two Sweet Moments and a few of the new cheesy bar-b-q cheetos that Kris made me try!!!  Oh and they were good I might add.  
I think I did ok today,  again I'm going at this slow and easy because I want it to stay off.  Realistically I'm pretty sure I can't lose 30 pounds in 3 months but I was always told to set my goals high!

It's beginning to feel a lot like fall around here!!  I am loving the weather and the cooler temps!  Trying to not leave you picture-less again today so here are the girls around this time last year!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 1

Well this morning I got up and weighed......ohhhh my....yeap it was a great day to start my 3 month 30 pound challenge!  I seriously could not believe it but I will not dwell on that number nor will I tell you what it was!  So, I had oatmeal for breakfast and a bottle of water.  I really LOVE coffee in the mornings and at home I do great because I use Splenda but for some reason at work the Splenda doesn't taste right, so I'll just let it go.  I got off of work early and I was starving and almost fell off the wagon because I really wanted some Ramen noodles but I didn't, I had a turkey sandwich and 15 pretzels and a bottle of water.  For dinner I made spaghetti and garlic bread.  I did eat the bread too and I know I will have cut that out real soon.  But I'm trying to make small changes so I don't fall off the wagon.  After dinner I walked a mile. When I came in I had a Sweet Moments little brownie, have you all seen these?  They are so good and just enough sweet to fill that void.  I drank another bottle of water.  All in all I feel great about these little changes today and hopefully next Tuesday morning when I step on the scale I'll be able to see a small difference.  And then that will be my confidence to get hardcore healthy!!  :)

Sorry no pictures...I know, I  know....who wants to read we go to blogs to see pictures!!!  ha!  

Monday, September 27, 2010

1st anniversary to my 30th birthday & time to diet

I had a fabulous birthday this year.  We of course had to watch the Titans game, we then headed to eat at the Olive Garden, did some shopping and spent time with the best family in the world!!

Today my fabulous coworkers made lunch for me, it was awesome!!  It all was so good, especially the chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing!  Yummmooooo......
Glad I enjoyed it because I will be starting my diet tomorrow, seriously this is not a joke this time.  One of my coworkers is doing an accountability blog and since I know I have a few readers (i know there are quite a few of you out there, I do have a site counter, you just don't leave comments) I am going to be accountable to you. Deal?  I really need to lose about 30 pounds, do you think I can do it by Christmas?  That is 10 pounds a month...realistically is that doable? I'm going to give it my best shot.  Help me out if you are dieting, exercising, etc.  I would love to hear what works and what doesn't work for you.  Kaylee's last fall ball game was tonight, so maybe I'll have a little more time on my hands! 
We shall see!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Crazy hair + family day

I never know what Kara Brooke's hair is going to look like when I pick her up from our babysitter everyday.  They are so good with her and we and KB just LOVE them!  The other day they had her hair in perfect pig tails and it was so tight, I'm guessing they wet her hair and then they had the pig tails braided.  I mean it was really perfect because we had to go to the ball field and usually her hair gets NASTY but with it up they way they had it we did not have to wash her hair before bed.  Anyway, after we took her hair down before bed this is what we got.......

........hahahahaha, isn't that hilarious!!  Look at that head of hair!  Oh my it is just like mine, so thick!!!

On Saturday my mom's company celebrated their 50th birthday, so they had a family day.  It was like a small carnival with games, food, music, prizes and fun!  It was such a fun day, it wasn't too hot and the girls had a blast!  And the best part was it was FREE!  It just don't get any better than that, for an afternoon of family fun!

This was an  inflatable called bungee run.  There was a resistance rope tide to you and you had to see how far you could run before it yanked you back!  It was hilarious watching people do it even the adults were having a blast with this!
Here is Kaylee running as hard as she could....

and she makes it all the way to the end......

....and she is pulled back!! ha!  She had a blast doing this, she also said it was a real work out!

Kaylee, me, Kara Brooke and Nana

Here is Daddy, he was trying to figure out how to win a teddy bear.  They had a game where you toss rings around a bear to win a bear.  He played it and played it trying to win a teddy bear for our girls!

KB enjoying one of her, ummm about five snow cones!

Duck pond fun for Kara Brooke!

Here is Kaylee jousting!  I could not believe she wanted to do this!  The object was to have 3 knock downs.  And guess who won....that's right Kaylee...we couldn't believe it she did great!!  She was so nasty and sweaty when she came out of there!  But again she said that was another great work out!

Oh and yes, Daddy did FINALLY win the girls a bear and you see who was in charge of it!

Before we called it a day all three of my kids hit up the cotton candy stand!!

It was a great afternoon of family fun!  We headed home, Nana & Papaw came over and ate Bar-b-q with was and we played in the back yard till dark.

I just had to share our little mess and since this is our family scrapbook I could not leave out KB's first time to have to stand in the corner for discipline! ha!
Isn't that the cutest little booty ever!!

Kaylee went home with Nana and Papaw and and this little wild child got a bath and went to bed!

I'm so thankful for family days like this one, they are the best!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

10 years of happiness

Today Kris and I are celebrating 10 years of wedding bliss!  I really can't believe we have been married for 10 years, time does fly when you are having fun!
We actually celebrated this pass Saturday evening.  My Mom came over to keep the girls and we headed out for a date but before we left, I asked my mom to get a picture of us, while I was getting the camera, Kris said, " Well I'll go ahead and give you your gift now."  He hands me a small gift bag with a jewelry store name on the front that I recognized for caring Pandora bracelets, I was thinking alright he got me a  new charm.  As I quickly opened it up to see which one it was.....OH MY GOODNESS......I could NOT believe my eyes!!!  He had bought me a new wedding set.  I have always joked and said that for our 10 year anniversary that I either wanted to go to Hawaii or a new "rock".  Well never in a million years did I think I would get either... but he sure surprised me!

After all the excitement we headed to Green Hills to the Cheesecake Factory.  It was pretty good, we both had a pasta dish and then we both had a piece of cheesecake.  Mine was red velvet and his was oreo cheesecake.  Oh about was divine!!!  After dinner, we walked around Green Hills mall and we ended up in the Pandora store, I did get the anniversary charm for my bracelet.  :) 

Today was our actual anniversary and of course we were very busy in our normal routine of life.  We did however have dinner at El Mexico with our two sweet girls.
I am very thankful for our ten years together as there have been a couple of tragic deaths this week of folks that we know.  One was Kaylee's science club advisor and a 5th grade teacher at her school.  She was a wife and mom to two young boys- one was with her in the accident and witnessed the whole thing.  The other was a family friend that was well known in our small community.  He was a husband and father to two children as well.  Would you please pray for these two families?  And let us love like there is no tomorrow and remember that tomorrow is just a gift not a promise!

Oh and here is a picture of us ten years ago.....

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

Man oh man I sure hate to see this weekend come to a close...three days off is always great!!  But the bright side for me is it's a 4 day work week and then I'm off for a week!!  Whoohooo!!! Anyway...we didn't do too much this weekend, we did go to the horse show, had dinner with my wonderful parents and just hung out around the house.  I worked on stacks and stacks of clothes of the consignment sale that is coming up next week.

I just had to share these pics from before the horse show the other night.....oh my goodness isn't she the funniest little thing ever??  She is so rotten!!!  And then Kaylee, haha, I think she is cracking up laughing at Kara Brooke!

Tomorrow will be a rude awakening for both these girls as Kaylee has to go back to school and Kara Brooke has to go back to daycare!
They both got to stay with Nana all week long and you know what that was like, S-P-O-I-L-E-D!!! I think one day they went to Chuck E. Cheese, another day they went to the Discovery Center and to Steak n Shake.  On Thursday night Kaylee had softball and went home with a friend and didn't come back home until Saturday so she missed out on Nana time Friday but KB got to go to the park and to "Donald's" or McDonald's to the rest of us.  Nana is so good to all of us, we are so thankful for you Nana and we love you sooooo much!!  Thanks for your help this week!

And here is my silly girl again!  You just can not get good pictures of her anymore...she just has her own personality and basically we just go with whatever, when it comes to KB.  I just pray that it is the terrible twos and that it will pass!  It will right???

Kara Brooke has been invited by a Children's Boutique to come do some modeling for them in a couple of weeks......could you please go ahead and start praying for me now???  Who knows what she will do or what kind of mood she will be in or if she will even put the clothes on!!  Oh my....we shall see!!!

What did you guys do this Labor Day??  Do we really have to put up the white shoes and white pants and such???  Nahhhhh...
Although I am very welcoming to fall.  Our weekend weather spoiled us it was like 50ish in the morning and then barely got out of the 80's!  Ahhhh just right..for some football!!