Sunday, September 26, 2010

Crazy hair + family day

I never know what Kara Brooke's hair is going to look like when I pick her up from our babysitter everyday.  They are so good with her and we and KB just LOVE them!  The other day they had her hair in perfect pig tails and it was so tight, I'm guessing they wet her hair and then they had the pig tails braided.  I mean it was really perfect because we had to go to the ball field and usually her hair gets NASTY but with it up they way they had it we did not have to wash her hair before bed.  Anyway, after we took her hair down before bed this is what we got.......

........hahahahaha, isn't that hilarious!!  Look at that head of hair!  Oh my it is just like mine, so thick!!!

On Saturday my mom's company celebrated their 50th birthday, so they had a family day.  It was like a small carnival with games, food, music, prizes and fun!  It was such a fun day, it wasn't too hot and the girls had a blast!  And the best part was it was FREE!  It just don't get any better than that, for an afternoon of family fun!

This was an  inflatable called bungee run.  There was a resistance rope tide to you and you had to see how far you could run before it yanked you back!  It was hilarious watching people do it even the adults were having a blast with this!
Here is Kaylee running as hard as she could....

and she makes it all the way to the end......

....and she is pulled back!! ha!  She had a blast doing this, she also said it was a real work out!

Kaylee, me, Kara Brooke and Nana

Here is Daddy, he was trying to figure out how to win a teddy bear.  They had a game where you toss rings around a bear to win a bear.  He played it and played it trying to win a teddy bear for our girls!

KB enjoying one of her, ummm about five snow cones!

Duck pond fun for Kara Brooke!

Here is Kaylee jousting!  I could not believe she wanted to do this!  The object was to have 3 knock downs.  And guess who won....that's right Kaylee...we couldn't believe it she did great!!  She was so nasty and sweaty when she came out of there!  But again she said that was another great work out!

Oh and yes, Daddy did FINALLY win the girls a bear and you see who was in charge of it!

Before we called it a day all three of my kids hit up the cotton candy stand!!

It was a great afternoon of family fun!  We headed home, Nana & Papaw came over and ate Bar-b-q with was and we played in the back yard till dark.

I just had to share our little mess and since this is our family scrapbook I could not leave out KB's first time to have to stand in the corner for discipline! ha!
Isn't that the cutest little booty ever!!

Kaylee went home with Nana and Papaw and and this little wild child got a bath and went to bed!

I'm so thankful for family days like this one, they are the best!!!

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Robyn said...

Please tell me how you managed to get KB to stand in the corner without a complete meltdown? I mention the corner and it is full on drama!!