Sunday, August 29, 2010

This & That

Well, its that time of year again....the TN Walking Horse National Celebration is here!!  I know to some of you that means nothing but if you are not from TN let me help you out just a bit....the TWHNC is a HUGE deal for Shelbyville this is the 72nd year for 250,000 people to flood in the outdoor arena for what we call the "horseshow"!  It is such a big deal that the schools in the county close for the whole week.  This event brings in so much money to our town, in more ways than one.  From people renting their houses out, hotels, resturants, people working at the show doing security, ushering, the civic clubs and the list goes on and on.  It is espically important to my family as Kris {my husband} is the groundskeeper.  He works very hard to make sure that the grounds are just perfect but espically the center ring.  There is so much maintance and work that goes into the center ring to keep it beautiful.  And in my opinion Kris is AWESOME......

....that grass oval has to be cut out perfectly, mowed and the painted daily.  
Lots of people hate to see the horse show come every year and hate the traffic but that is just how it is 10 days prior to Labor Day every year.  We are very thankful for the horse business and to that we say, "Let Walk On!!"

On a different note, I promised I would update on ~ what Kara Brooke has been up to and I was waiting until I had a good picture of her BUT today you get to see the real KB in action!!  I go in her room to find her looking like this....

...ummm yes, that my friends is butt paste!  She obviously thought it was lotion!!!

And since we are talking about this little mess, here is her "big" girl bed.

She is in a toddler bed for right now and she loves it!  Is it just me or does everything look so high up on her walls?  I guess it is since it was over the crib and the changing table and that bed is so tiny...oh well just noticed that.  It will be fine when her "BIG" girl furniture gets in there.  
Oh and uhhhh....where's Waldo...I mean Kara Brooke???

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Catch up!

Wow it has really been awhile, it seems like it took me forever to upload all of those vacay pictures and now August is just flying past us and I have not taken any pictures lately or blogged at all.  It's not that we have not been busy or had anything going on that's blog worthy...I guess its just hard to get back in the routine of things!  Anyway.....since vacation, we have been to Santa Claus, IN  to Holiday World with Kaylee's travel ball team!  We had the best time, I got up on Saturday morning at 3am got ready, headed out, picked up a family or two and we were off!  We did the amusement park first and then spent the day at the water park and then ended the night back at the amusement park!  It was sooo hot and so crowed but we made the best of it!  We headed back home that night and I crawled back in the bed at 3am on Sunday morning!  

We entered a Summer 2010 photo contest on Facebook with Kelly's Kids and got 2nd place with this sweet picture of our pretty girls!!!  Thanks to all of our great friends on facebook for voting and campaigning for us!  God has really blessed us with some awesome friends!!!

Kaylee has started back to school and is loving the 3rd grade!  {really, did I just say 3rd grade???}  She got the teacher she was wanting, Mrs. Casson and all seems to be going just fine!  Also Kaylee has started wearing glasses and she looks adorable....too grown up....but adorable none the less!

Fall ball has also started for Kaylee, thankfully it is just two nights a week.  One night is game night and the other night is just practice.  So far she is loving kid pitch ~ fast pitch!  This girl is just getting so big and starting to make decisions for herself!  She has really stepped out of her comfort zone lately and trying out things that I never dreamed she would do!  It is amazing to see her grow and process things in her mind and then act on things accordingly.  She makes us so proud!!

Well... really that is hitting the highlights of the first part of August for the Adams family!  Seems like it was all about Kaylee so I will have to post all about Kara Brooke real soon!   

Monday, August 2, 2010

Destin, FL vacation 2010 {part 7}

And thats it friends, I hope you enjoyed our trip as much as we did!!!