Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas morning 2009

Finally the girls woke up around 8 am, Nana & Papaw had already got to our house and of course Meme was already there.

From that smile it looks like Santa did pay a visit to the Adams' girls!  Aren't they sweet holding hands?

I love this picture because Kaylee is pointing to Kara Brooke's stuff and KB is pointing to Kaylee's stuff!!

Wow!!!  Santa brought Kaylee a laptop... I could not believe it...lucky little eight year old!!  She was VERY excited!!

Kara Brooke liked what Santa had left for her too but was most excited that he left behind a crumb or two of cookie!!  See it in her!

Two stockings filled to the top with favorite things!!

Presents, presents and more presents!! So blessed!!

Kaylee is like her Momma and gets excited over new clothes and shoes!!

Kara Brooke liked her baby and was rocking her and singing to her...sweet baby girl!!

Christmas morning is so fun, I just love watching the girls faces as they open all of their gifts!  Stay tuned  for the Christmas Day at Nana's pictures coming soon!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas Eve we began our festivities by heading over to Kris' dad and step mom's house.  We had an awesome dinner and enjoyed spending time with his 4 younger bothers and their families.

Our tree before we started loading up all the presents!

At Grandaddy's house opening gifts!  Fun Fun!!

Kara Brooke & I taking a break!!

And more gifts....

After we left Grandaddy and DoeDoe's we headed over to Kris' mom's house to spend the rest of the evening eating and opening a ton of gifts!  The girls had so much fun, we didn't leave her house until 11pm, Kara Brooke was so tired.  MeMe always spends the night at our house on Christmas Eve so after we got home we still had to make cookies for Santa.  We used a different pan this year and it was a complete flop!!!  We got two good cookies out of the whole batch but Santa didn't seem to mind!!

MeMe's tree!

Chocolate face KB!!  That was her favorite gift, the candy in her stocking was all she really needed!!

Kaylee got Zhu Zhu's, 4 of them from MeMe!  Kara Brooke also got four, but she wasn't nearly as excited as Kaylee was!

Don't you just love that look??  So Kara Brooke....

Money, money moooonnneeeyyy!!! :)

Zhu Zhu's now have a home!

And here are the two cookies I was telling you about, one was a Christmas tree and the other was a snowman, didn't Kaylee do a GREAT job decorating them??

We finally got in the bed REALLY REALLY late and Santa did make it to our house and ate the cookies and Rudolph drank the Sprite we left outside.
 Stay tuned for Christmas Day pictures!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Gingerbread House

Kaylee, Kara Brooke and I made our first ever ginger bread house.  Kaylee LOVED doing it and of course all Kara Brooke cared about was eating the candy!!

I thought it turned out so cute, for the first one!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

week in review

WARNING:  Picture overload has been one crazy week to say the least!  As you can imagine I have been so consumed with Brent and Wendy, praying and thinking about them consonantly!  I am very happy to report that he is doing a little better and did get to have about a two hour surgery on his leg.  His brain pressure is back to normal and is off several of the meds.  They are now just waiting on him to open those eyes!  Isn't God amazing??  When things seemed to get dim and the Dr.'s just were not optimistic in one day everything changed for the better.  Thank you for praying for my sweet friends and please don't stop praying for Brent; he is by far not out of the woods just yet but is improving one day at a time.  Saturday night Wendy's kids spent the night with us and they were just little blessings...such good kids and welcome at our home anytime!!  Kris and Johnny O. were in charge of 5 kids while Amy and I were at the hospital.  They did quite well with them too.  Saturday evening Amy & I met back up with everyone at the Christmas parade. was so cold....

Kaylee woke up sick Tuesday morning running a temp of 103.6; scared us to death.  Her temp broke before she got to the Dr., they went ahead and ran the flu and strep test and they both came back negative.  She never really even acted sick not sure what that was all about but the Dr. treated her for upper respiratory infection and sinus infection.  She missed two days of school, which just about killed her!  Girl loves school....

Saturday morning I had to work and then Nana came over and kept the girls while Kris and I shopped for 7 hours, I should add I'm still not finished!  Seriously.....
I am only working two days this week and then I'm off until after Christmas so I have plenty of time to finish up.  Do we ever really get finished or do we just run out of time?
Also Kara Brooke turned 19 months old on Saturday!!

Sunday we did a little more shopping and took the girls to see Santa.  It was an awesome day and the line was not too long.  Remember this from last year???

And here is this year...


Ahh...a little better and she even sit there a few minutes but it wasn't long until her little eyes started watering up and we knew that our 2009 visit with Santa was coming to an end!!!

And then we were off to eat at Chuck E. Cheese...that was not in the plan but Kaylee convinced us that was the best choice for dinner!

Watching the show and the other kids at CEC, not sure which she enjoyed the most!

I tried to get some good pictures but as you already know, that is nearly impossible with Kara Brooke!
I either get this.....

Or this.......

So are your eyes crossed from all the pictures?  I warned you...have a great week!