Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas Eve we began our festivities by heading over to Kris' dad and step mom's house.  We had an awesome dinner and enjoyed spending time with his 4 younger bothers and their families.

Our tree before we started loading up all the presents!

At Grandaddy's house opening gifts!  Fun Fun!!

Kara Brooke & I taking a break!!

And more gifts....

After we left Grandaddy and DoeDoe's we headed over to Kris' mom's house to spend the rest of the evening eating and opening a ton of gifts!  The girls had so much fun, we didn't leave her house until 11pm, Kara Brooke was so tired.  MeMe always spends the night at our house on Christmas Eve so after we got home we still had to make cookies for Santa.  We used a different pan this year and it was a complete flop!!!  We got two good cookies out of the whole batch but Santa didn't seem to mind!!

MeMe's tree!

Chocolate face KB!!  That was her favorite gift, the candy in her stocking was all she really needed!!

Kaylee got Zhu Zhu's, 4 of them from MeMe!  Kara Brooke also got four, but she wasn't nearly as excited as Kaylee was!

Don't you just love that look??  So Kara Brooke....

Money, money moooonnneeeyyy!!! :)

Zhu Zhu's now have a home!

And here are the two cookies I was telling you about, one was a Christmas tree and the other was a snowman, didn't Kaylee do a GREAT job decorating them??

We finally got in the bed REALLY REALLY late and Santa did make it to our house and ate the cookies and Rudolph drank the Sprite we left outside.
 Stay tuned for Christmas Day pictures!!!


Matt, Allison and Jade said...

looks like you all had a great Christmas, love all your pictures. Kara Brooke is my kinda girl. I love candy too:)

kastz said...

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Patsy said...

I love seeing these pix and catching up with what is going on with your family