Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas morning 2009

Finally the girls woke up around 8 am, Nana & Papaw had already got to our house and of course Meme was already there.

From that smile it looks like Santa did pay a visit to the Adams' girls!  Aren't they sweet holding hands?

I love this picture because Kaylee is pointing to Kara Brooke's stuff and KB is pointing to Kaylee's stuff!!

Wow!!!  Santa brought Kaylee a laptop... I could not believe it...lucky little eight year old!!  She was VERY excited!!

Kara Brooke liked what Santa had left for her too but was most excited that he left behind a crumb or two of cookie!!  See it in her!

Two stockings filled to the top with favorite things!!

Presents, presents and more presents!! So blessed!!

Kaylee is like her Momma and gets excited over new clothes and shoes!!

Kara Brooke liked her baby and was rocking her and singing to her...sweet baby girl!!

Christmas morning is so fun, I just love watching the girls faces as they open all of their gifts!  Stay tuned  for the Christmas Day at Nana's pictures coming soon!!

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Matt, Allison and Jade said...

Santa just now brought me a laptop. Which Santa do ya'll see?
Happy New Year!