Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a very good Easter Day.
We are beyond blessed and so thankful!  

Of course I took a lot of pictures, so enjoy!!!

If you are my friend on already know about our Easter Eve mishap....but I will be blogging it in the next couple of days!!  Trust me if you haven't already will for sure want to hear this!!!  Lord help....only at the Adams' house!!!

Hope you had a HAPPY EASTER!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Crusher Weekend

This weekend we had a another weekend of softball in Gallatin, TN.  Saturday we played some awesome softball but then when we came back on Sunday...well it looked like we had never played ball of any kind before!!  ha!  Guess those weekends will happen!!!
Kaylee did have some great games though.  She is really improving and that is what this year is all about!!

We got to face another team from our home town on Saturday afternoon and so many of the girls are such good friends and a lot have played together on different teams in the past.  They actually have more of the older girls in our age division on their team and yes they did beat us and went on take 2nd in the tourney.  They are going to be hard to handle this year, just like our team will be next year after we all get this year of learning under our belts!! I think all of the girls enjoyed playing each other and it was a good game.  

After the tournament a bunch of us headed to eat at Toot's!!  It was YUMMY and the fried pickles hit the spot!!!! 
The girls all had a big time hanging out together!!  Such great memories!

Kara Brooke and her baby!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our weekend

It was such a great weekend- it started bright and early Saturday morning before the sun ever came up.  We were on the road to our first fast pitch tournament of the year.  I think everyone was a little nervous to see how we would compete and to be very honest the first game was BAD!!  LOL The first team we played was an a second year team, all of the players had played in this division before and they had an amazing pitcher.  But finally our girls settled in for games 2-4 and did a much better job!  We were very proud that they ended up in 3rd place!!  We know that this year is going to be a year for learning and as long as we see improvement we will be good with that!  

While we were at the tournament KB got stung by a wasp!!  She was with some of our friends watching our 8U Crushers play and she sat on the wasp and it got her in her little thigh!!!  Bless her heart she was scared me to death since Kris is highly allergic, I had no idea how she would react to it.  Thankfully our good friend Brett, who is a paramedic was right there with us and he just took over!  She tells Brett now that she loves him and he is her best friend cause "him" fixed my boo boo!! We are so blessed by our Crusher family everyone was doing what they could to help us out!  Kara Brooke was alright after a little bit and then she went to sleep.

Sunday afternoon this was the view from my back patio!  Kaylee was determined to get some practice time in.  That is what I love about her love for the sport-she is by no means an amazing player but she does a great job, practices hard and wants to get better!  And in my mind after playing sports years and years myself that is what makes amazing players...heart and desire and that is something she definitely has and you just can't coach that!!!

And of course here is wild child, enjoying the beautiful day!!  I have started working on her 3rd birthday party...she is so excited about her party this year and has told me exactly what she wants her theme to be!    Ha!  More to come on that soon!!!

This weekend we are headed to Gallatin for our next softball tournament.  Hopefully our head coach will be there too.  He also coaches a middle school team and has been very busy with them but soon enough he will have all of his concentration on Kaylee's team!!
Looks like it will be another beautiful weekend-nothing better than sunshine, softball and spending time with friends and family!!