Sunday, April 10, 2011

Crusher Weekend

This weekend we had a another weekend of softball in Gallatin, TN.  Saturday we played some awesome softball but then when we came back on Sunday...well it looked like we had never played ball of any kind before!!  ha!  Guess those weekends will happen!!!
Kaylee did have some great games though.  She is really improving and that is what this year is all about!!

We got to face another team from our home town on Saturday afternoon and so many of the girls are such good friends and a lot have played together on different teams in the past.  They actually have more of the older girls in our age division on their team and yes they did beat us and went on take 2nd in the tourney.  They are going to be hard to handle this year, just like our team will be next year after we all get this year of learning under our belts!! I think all of the girls enjoyed playing each other and it was a good game.  

After the tournament a bunch of us headed to eat at Toot's!!  It was YUMMY and the fried pickles hit the spot!!!! 
The girls all had a big time hanging out together!!  Such great memories!

Kara Brooke and her baby!!!

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