Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fun Night with Friends

Saturday night we decided to have a night out bowling with a group of our dear friends.  We had the best time and enjoyed lots of laughs and fun fellowship!!

Johnny watching Amy.....

....Amy telling Johnny that she got a strike!!   

Benji & Lizzo

The kiddos, minus Kaylee, as she had a prior obligation with another friend!

Check out these scores...looks like Wendy won with a whopping Vickie said... we let her!!! ha!

We had a great time and can't wait to get together again!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dress up, St. Patty's Day & Puppy

Goodness, the days are just flying right on by here lately!  We are already in full swing with softball practices, looks like 4 days a week between two teams!  Kaylee loves every minute of it though.  It has started to warm up some although yesterday we did get up to snow falling!  We are so ready for spring, Kara Brooke has had a runny nose off and on for about two and a half weeks, so ready to be done with that!
Anyway, a few weeks ago Kaylee and her friend "dressed" Kara Brooke up!  Love that side ponytail, boots and hair bow!  ha!

Isn't she the sweetest thing ever???  Trust me looks can be very deceiving...sometimes!!

And our sweet Kaylee on St. Patty's day!

So, they other day at work my boss' brother gave me a six week old Pomeranian puppy.  Talk about 
c-u-t-e, oh this baby was just adorable!  He was just a little fur ball and was spoiled rotten!  Well against my better judgement, I brought him home or I took him to the ball field so that Kaylee could see him.  The good news was she loved him and so did Kara Brooke but the bad news was our allergies hated him!  All four of us was sneezing, watery eyes and itchy throats.  Oh goodness he tore us up, I really think it was all the fluffy hair!  Kaylee was so sad she did not want to give him back but she knew she couldn't keep him with the way he made us all feel.  So...the next day I took him back to his original owner and they were both just as happy as could be!

Maybe one day we will find a puppy that is right for our family but right now we are just too busy to take care of one.  I guess that was just the good Lord saying you don't have time for this....thank goodness he is smarter than me!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Ok friends if you have not seen Kim's blog over at Small Words you must go there right now and scroll down to the painting tips video!  Go ahead I'll wait 10 minutes for you......

So what did you think???  Think you can paint dots now???  Kaylee sure thinks she can after a 10 minute lesson with the Kim Wheeler!!  This is what I found in her room later in the evening...... I said on Facebook looks like Kaylee needs to purchase a filbert! ha!  And, ummmm... I don't remember anything about making the center of the dot a different color?!?  Kim, you know I'm watching you...and I can NOT wait to see you use this new technique!!!!  Oh and what about the squiggly exclamation point behind her name??  What's that all about? 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Basketball 4-2

Today concluded our basketball season, we didn't win but I could not have been any prouder of my girls!  They ended up with a winning season and won more than the other two teams!  These girls worked so hard and learned so much!  Kaylee was sad to see the season end but is excited that she is going to do some summer basketball this year too!  Here are a few action shots, just as I promised!
Oh yeah, Kaylee is number 0!

We had some special fans in the stands today too!  Bubba {Nate}, Ethan, SuSu, Aunt Wilma and my cousin Shannon and of course Nana & Papaw NEVER miss a game!  Thanks guys for coming, wished it could have been a better game!  Oh well hope you had fun! ;)

Oh and Mr. Cool was there for a little while too!

Our team with their trophies!
Way to go girls, hope to see you all next year!

Friday, March 12, 2010

22 months

Kara Brooke,
Really...2 more months until you are two? Once again you have changed so much this month, you are really learning to talk well and alot more clearer.  Your favoite words are "Noooo", "jesss" {yes}, shoes, bite, bath, dink {drink}, Sissy and so on.  You can say anything you want...when you want to!  You have really got in to your books, I will sometimes find you in your room sitting in the chair by your bookcase just reading up a storm!  You also will bring me books now and say, "read ook" {book} and you will sit still for a bit but you must ALWAYS get to turn the pages! ha!  You still love your babies {pasci}, that is what you call it because I tell you that pasci's are for babies but you don't care you just want it.  You will go for hours without though.  Maybe this summer you will give it up a little more easily since you will be able to get outside and play and be ready to go to bed without it! Maybe??? :)  You are an amazing little girl with the funniest sense of humor.  You love your shoes and boots and you have to put them on as soon as you get up, I think you might get that from your Mommy!  You think you are as big as Kaylee and you want to do everything that she does.  Daddy thinks you are going to be easy to potty train, I'll remind him of that in a couple of months! ha!
We are working real hard planning your 2nd birthday party, it is going to be just as special as you, sweet baby!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

First project & report card

Kaylee had her first project for school due this past week and honestly it wasn't bad at all. Really, I have been dreading all year waiting for the day we got the paper home saying they had to do a project, her teacher told us there would be some to do this year in the second grade!  This is a diorama...never had heard of one, till this.  Kris was all excited about it, probably more excited than Kaylee!  They had to pick their favorite season and make a model of it in a box.  Kaylee called hers, "Summer time in the park!"  She did such a good job with the help of her Daddy, I had to keep reminding him that it was her project and she could do whatever! ha!  Anyway it turned out fabulous and she got an "A"!

And here is Miss Kaylee's report card!  She does such a good job and cares so much about her grades and for that I am so thankful!  She is a perfectionist when it comes to school and she LOVES every minute of it!  Not to say that she doesn't like to socialize because good Lord knows, she is just like her Momma!  Thankfully there are no check marks on the left side for "needs to improve on controls talking" this year either!  Way to go Kaylee, you make us so proud!! We love you!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Basketball 4-1 & sneaking out

We played our fifth basketball game Saturday......and man oh man it was a nail bitter!!  The team we had to play, we have beat them twice so in my mind I'm thinking, "It is so hard to beat a team three times!"  It was right down to the last seconds too, oh my Kaylee's coach was about to have a nervous break down! ha!  Anyway it was back and forth the whole way, finally with about 30 seconds left that Adams girl, made the prettiest steal that I have EVER seen a 2nd grader make and took it down and scored!!!  I bet her parents were really proud! ha! WHOOOOOHOOOOO....glad we don't have to play them again!  We are off this week and have one more game the following week with the awards ceremony too.  I promise I will have pictures of that, it is hard to coach and take pictures you know!

So yeah, this is what I caught Kara Brooke doing the other day......sneaking out at the ripe ole age of ONE!  Thank goodness for the security system that chimes when the door is opened!

Me: "Kara Brooke!  What are you doing?
KB:  "Ouusiidddeee" {outside}
Me: "No KB we are not leaving just yet, you have to wait!"

So she decides to wait patiently with the door open until I make her shut the door!

KB: "Mmmmmmm....what can I get into next!"

Oh me....this little girl is going to be the death of me!  :)