Friday, March 12, 2010

22 months

Kara Brooke,
Really...2 more months until you are two? Once again you have changed so much this month, you are really learning to talk well and alot more clearer.  Your favoite words are "Noooo", "jesss" {yes}, shoes, bite, bath, dink {drink}, Sissy and so on.  You can say anything you want...when you want to!  You have really got in to your books, I will sometimes find you in your room sitting in the chair by your bookcase just reading up a storm!  You also will bring me books now and say, "read ook" {book} and you will sit still for a bit but you must ALWAYS get to turn the pages! ha!  You still love your babies {pasci}, that is what you call it because I tell you that pasci's are for babies but you don't care you just want it.  You will go for hours without though.  Maybe this summer you will give it up a little more easily since you will be able to get outside and play and be ready to go to bed without it! Maybe??? :)  You are an amazing little girl with the funniest sense of humor.  You love your shoes and boots and you have to put them on as soon as you get up, I think you might get that from your Mommy!  You think you are as big as Kaylee and you want to do everything that she does.  Daddy thinks you are going to be easy to potty train, I'll remind him of that in a couple of months! ha!
We are working real hard planning your 2nd birthday party, it is going to be just as special as you, sweet baby!!

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