Monday, September 28, 2009

Giveaway Day!

Yeah...I knew that title would get your attention!  I'm not giving anything away, but The Nester is!  If  you have not ever been to her blog you are missing out.  She is a thrifty decorater and her motto is, "It dosen't have to be perfect to be beautiful!"  She is doing a 24 hour giveaway, all 24 items are up and all you have to do is make a comment.  I shouldn't even be telling you about it to keep the chances on winning to myself but you know that is just how I roll maybe one of us will hit the jackpot Wednesday or Thursday {that is when she announces the winners}.  She does really have some fabulous items up for grabs including our very on Kim Wheeler at Small Words!  So go on over there and leave some comments and win yourself something and come back here and tell me what your favorite thing was.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beautiful Sunday!

This is what you would have found my girls doing this afternoon, Kaylee was on my laptop and Kara Brooke was on Kaylee's laptop!  Isn't it crazy that my eight year can navigate her way around a laptop?  I didn't learn much about a computer until I was in college!  My oh my how times change!  Kara Brooke will probably be on a real laptop by the time she is five! ha!

How about that weather today??  It was so pretty although we did not even leave the house.  I did have my windows up this morning and enjoyed the fall crisp breeze!  I am so ready for fall, it is my favorite season!  I love football, soccer, Halloween, pumpkins, cool mornings, turtle neck sweaters, boots, bon fires and some good ole chili or potato soup! Yum, yum!  Next weekend I plan on getting out all of my fall/Halloween decorations! 
 Happy Fall Ya'll!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday to me!

Well friends today I turned 30 years old! I really can NOT believe that I am 30, seriously, I’m not sad about it or anything because everyone tells me their 30’s were the best days of their lives. I don’t know I guess I thought I would always stay 20 something!!! Oh well I had a really good day although it rained all morning and soccer got cancelled, I just stayed home with the family and even got a 2 hour nap in! We went to my mom’s for dinner and I got a bunch of great gifts including my new lime green Dell laptop that I am in love with!!!!

Kohl's gift card {new fall clothes}

Pottery that Kaylee painted for me!

A cute necklace that my Mom got me, notice the exact same one around my neck! Ha! At least Mom knows my style!

And a new laptop!!

And I did get several other gifts from my parents.

My two favorite little girls!!

Check out this cake, isn’t it neat with my stick people family on it!! LOVE it!

So, now after looking at these pictures I will be going on a diet and and letting my hair grow back out!!! Uggggg…. {Just as soon as I finish off the rest of my birthday cake!}

Friday, September 18, 2009

Hat & Sunglasses Day!

How cute is she??? She sure thought she was stylin!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

16 months

Another month has already come and go and our little Kara Brooke just keeps growing and changing everyday. Here are a few of her 16 month milestones:

1. She tries to repeat everything we say, some of it I can make out other stuff I can not.
2. She has pretty much let her pasci go, I will be honest she did get it a couple of nights when she wasn't sleeping so well.
3. She is still into EVERYTHING and I am NOT exaggerating by any stretch of the imagination.
4. She loves her books and likes to read to us.
5. Loves her baby and will play with her for the longest time, just carrying her around laying her down on a pillow and covering her up. Her best word other than Dada is baby.
6. She weighs right around 25 pounds.
7. She eats all the time, for the most part she eats real well.
8. Still only has 4 teeth well maybe 4 and a half I think I can see one on the top almost poking through.
9. Loves Kaylee to the moon and back and follows her around everywhere.
10. She can make a T-total mess of anything but she is real good at picking stuff up too but only if SHE wants too! Kris says she is either destructive or productive usually it is more of the first one!
11. She loves her Nana and Papaw sooo much. As soon as we turn in their neighborhood she start saying, "Naananananaa". She is really a Pappaw's girl big time she just loves to go into his office and watch him or sit in his lap and eat snacks!

Isn't she just adorable? I am just so thankful that God saved her for us. She is indeed the child I prayed for! I love to just sit and watch her, she is so smart and sooo funny!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Silly girl!


You are about to experience a whole lot of CUTENESS!!

And that is all I have got to say about that!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Say a prayer!

Today I am asking for prayers for my "fairy blog mother" {remember her} and her husband as they travel to China to bring home their baby girl. Praying for safe travel, that the two other kiddo's at home do just fine while Mom & Dad are away and that MeiMei really loves her Mommy & Daddy! Good luck Wombles and we'll be thinking about you until you return home safely with that sweet baby girl!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm back....

So yes I know, I have been a really bad blogger lately, no reason really, I guess I've just been in a slump. The girls haven't felt good in quite a few days and really I haven't either. But maybe we are all getting better. I have been working on consignment sale stuff and man that is just overwhelming in itself especially with two girls!! Soccer is now in full swing
with our first game being this coming Saturday, so that will be every Saturday morning for two months, unfortunately I will miss just about all of her October games and you know that KILLS my sole. I can NOT stand missing Kaylee's stuff! Oh well I have to choice! Next week Kaylee will be going to her first orthodontics appointment, they are going to pull two teeth and put spacers in to serve as place holders while waiting on her "vampire" teeth to drop. They don't want her jaw bone to quit growing while those baby teeth are still in. Also they will probably be putting on brackets across the front four teeth to go ahead and pull them together as well. I'm guessing that will cost me a pretty penny!

Kara Brooke has been really busy getting into EVERYTHING, I swear the terrible twos have started at almost 16 months!!! She is still trying real hard to get four more teeth in too. Poor baby keeps a snotty nose between the teeth and allergies! Also, she has been pasci free for two days and has done real well. Thank goodness!!
Here are a few pictures of my sweetie pies being their silly selves! Oh how I LOVE them!!!

Kara Brooke was caught in the dryer this morning!

We finally got Kara Brooke to wear her puppy back pack with the "leash" on it! This is going to come in handy! And the first person that I hear saying something about her "looking like a dog", I am going to go off!!! I guess I will say "At least I know she will go home with me tonight!"