Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday to me!

Well friends today I turned 30 years old! I really can NOT believe that I am 30, seriously, I’m not sad about it or anything because everyone tells me their 30’s were the best days of their lives. I don’t know I guess I thought I would always stay 20 something!!! Oh well I had a really good day although it rained all morning and soccer got cancelled, I just stayed home with the family and even got a 2 hour nap in! We went to my mom’s for dinner and I got a bunch of great gifts including my new lime green Dell laptop that I am in love with!!!!

Kohl's gift card {new fall clothes}

Pottery that Kaylee painted for me!

A cute necklace that my Mom got me, notice the exact same one around my neck! Ha! At least Mom knows my style!

And a new laptop!!

And I did get several other gifts from my parents.

My two favorite little girls!!

Check out this cake, isn’t it neat with my stick people family on it!! LOVE it!

So, now after looking at these pictures I will be going on a diet and and letting my hair grow back out!!! Uggggg…. {Just as soon as I finish off the rest of my birthday cake!}


Andrea Brian said...

Looks like your birthday was great!!! 30 isn't so bad! If you are missing the Kohls gift card, I took it!!! Hope it was a wonderful day.

Patsy said...

I like your shorter hair.... My hair used to be so much longer than yours was when it was long,,,, I got so tired of it and cut it when I was 25....