Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm back....

So yes I know, I have been a really bad blogger lately, no reason really, I guess I've just been in a slump. The girls haven't felt good in quite a few days and really I haven't either. But maybe we are all getting better. I have been working on consignment sale stuff and man that is just overwhelming in itself especially with two girls!! Soccer is now in full swing
with our first game being this coming Saturday, so that will be every Saturday morning for two months, unfortunately I will miss just about all of her October games and you know that KILLS my sole. I can NOT stand missing Kaylee's stuff! Oh well I have to choice! Next week Kaylee will be going to her first orthodontics appointment, they are going to pull two teeth and put spacers in to serve as place holders while waiting on her "vampire" teeth to drop. They don't want her jaw bone to quit growing while those baby teeth are still in. Also they will probably be putting on brackets across the front four teeth to go ahead and pull them together as well. I'm guessing that will cost me a pretty penny!

Kara Brooke has been really busy getting into EVERYTHING, I swear the terrible twos have started at almost 16 months!!! She is still trying real hard to get four more teeth in too. Poor baby keeps a snotty nose between the teeth and allergies! Also, she has been pasci free for two days and has done real well. Thank goodness!!
Here are a few pictures of my sweetie pies being their silly selves! Oh how I LOVE them!!!

Kara Brooke was caught in the dryer this morning!

We finally got Kara Brooke to wear her puppy back pack with the "leash" on it! This is going to come in handy! And the first person that I hear saying something about her "looking like a dog", I am going to go off!!! I guess I will say "At least I know she will go home with me tonight!"


Matt, Allison and Jade said...

glad you are posting again....I am in love with the first dryer pic...too cute

Susan said...

E has a monkey leash and that was the best thing we EVER bought! We had more people ask us where we got it than anything! They are awesome!