Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Basketball 4-1 & sneaking out

We played our fifth basketball game Saturday......and man oh man it was a nail bitter!!  The team we had to play, we have beat them twice so in my mind I'm thinking, "It is so hard to beat a team three times!"  It was right down to the last seconds too, oh my Kaylee's coach was about to have a nervous break down! ha!  Anyway it was back and forth the whole way, finally with about 30 seconds left that Adams girl, made the prettiest steal that I have EVER seen a 2nd grader make and took it down and scored!!!  I bet her parents were really proud! ha! WHOOOOOHOOOOO....glad we don't have to play them again!  We are off this week and have one more game the following week with the awards ceremony too.  I promise I will have pictures of that, it is hard to coach and take pictures you know!

So yeah, this is what I caught Kara Brooke doing the other day......sneaking out at the ripe ole age of ONE!  Thank goodness for the security system that chimes when the door is opened!

Me: "Kara Brooke!  What are you doing?
KB:  "Ouusiidddeee" {outside}
Me: "No KB we are not leaving just yet, you have to wait!"

So she decides to wait patiently with the door open until I make her shut the door!

KB: "Mmmmmmm....what can I get into next!"

Oh me....this little girl is going to be the death of me!  :)

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Matt, Allison and Jade said...

I love basketball! SOunds like you all have had a great season. My 4yr old cousin "ran away" when her brother was born. She said he was getting all the attention! Luckily they lived on a country road and she only made it as far as my grandparents house. Kids are funny:) Good thing you have chimes to let you know when KB is feeling adventurous.