Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dress up, St. Patty's Day & Puppy

Goodness, the days are just flying right on by here lately!  We are already in full swing with softball practices, looks like 4 days a week between two teams!  Kaylee loves every minute of it though.  It has started to warm up some although yesterday we did get up to snow falling!  We are so ready for spring, Kara Brooke has had a runny nose off and on for about two and a half weeks, so ready to be done with that!
Anyway, a few weeks ago Kaylee and her friend "dressed" Kara Brooke up!  Love that side ponytail, boots and hair bow!  ha!

Isn't she the sweetest thing ever???  Trust me looks can be very deceiving...sometimes!!

And our sweet Kaylee on St. Patty's day!

So, they other day at work my boss' brother gave me a six week old Pomeranian puppy.  Talk about 
c-u-t-e, oh this baby was just adorable!  He was just a little fur ball and was spoiled rotten!  Well against my better judgement, I brought him home or I took him to the ball field so that Kaylee could see him.  The good news was she loved him and so did Kara Brooke but the bad news was our allergies hated him!  All four of us was sneezing, watery eyes and itchy throats.  Oh goodness he tore us up, I really think it was all the fluffy hair!  Kaylee was so sad she did not want to give him back but she knew she couldn't keep him with the way he made us all feel.  So...the next day I took him back to his original owner and they were both just as happy as could be!

Maybe one day we will find a puppy that is right for our family but right now we are just too busy to take care of one.  I guess that was just the good Lord saying you don't have time for this....thank goodness he is smarter than me!!!

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Patsy said...

Is KB standing on the vent to keep warm????