Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 1

Well this morning I got up and weighed......ohhhh my....yeap it was a great day to start my 3 month 30 pound challenge!  I seriously could not believe it but I will not dwell on that number nor will I tell you what it was!  So, I had oatmeal for breakfast and a bottle of water.  I really LOVE coffee in the mornings and at home I do great because I use Splenda but for some reason at work the Splenda doesn't taste right, so I'll just let it go.  I got off of work early and I was starving and almost fell off the wagon because I really wanted some Ramen noodles but I didn't, I had a turkey sandwich and 15 pretzels and a bottle of water.  For dinner I made spaghetti and garlic bread.  I did eat the bread too and I know I will have cut that out real soon.  But I'm trying to make small changes so I don't fall off the wagon.  After dinner I walked a mile. When I came in I had a Sweet Moments little brownie, have you all seen these?  They are so good and just enough sweet to fill that void.  I drank another bottle of water.  All in all I feel great about these little changes today and hopefully next Tuesday morning when I step on the scale I'll be able to see a small difference.  And then that will be my confidence to get hardcore healthy!!  :)

Sorry no pictures...I know, I  know....who wants to read we go to blogs to see pictures!!!  ha!  


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Anonymous said...

Holli...ok..you have inspired me...I will start too and what a good idea to blog about it...I will have to do that with you. I think I will start after my birthday though... :)

love ya, Julie

Andrea Brian said...

Girl, I know what you mean... I need to lose 30 pounds too. I know weight watchers works if you strictly follow it, my problem is the weekends and finding time to exercise... Exercise is the key and water!! I try to brush my teeth after each meal and chew gum in between to keep my mind off of it. I hope those tips help.