Wednesday, September 29, 2010

some cute stuff & day 2

You all know I am a lover of all stuff bows, polka dots, high heels, ruffles, monograms and girly girl clothes!  My friend Robyn and I have the same taste, we seriously love all of the same things and thankfully her little AC is one year older than my KB so lucky for us we get to buy AC's hand me downs!  Anyway...Robyn has started making her own hair bows and the are just adorable.  They are my kind of bows too...big, thick, lots of ribbon and even! She is really doing a great job with them.  She has now tried her hand at painting, painting pumpkins that is.....when I logged on her blog this morning.......ahhhhhh, oh yeah my kind of pumpkin!!  You have to go visit her here and check out her new crafty stuff!!  Be sure to leave her some comments too and tell her that I sent you!!

Now on to day 2...I don't plan on giving you all 90 days of what I eat but I will be doing this for the first week at least and then maybe the next week, just depends on how well I do.  As soon as I WANT to eat something bad, I think NO I don't want to have to write that on the blog!!  ha!  Hey whatever it takes I guess....
Breakfast-oatmeal and water
lunch- Subway,turkey sandwich on wheat with pepper jack cheese, green peppers, lettuce salt and pepper.  I did get a tiny bit of ranch on it too.  I can't stand mustard even though I know its better for me.  Also I had a small bag of the baked Ruffles.  Water to drink
dinner-we did homemade pizza on thin crust with pepperoni.  I had three small slices...I know at least one two many, but I was starving.  I have to start eating a snack in between lunch and dinner just so I don't get that hungry.  Water to drink.
I did have 6 bottles of water or 96 oz. so I was very happy about that.  
After dinner I walked a little more than a mile.  It is eight laps around my driveway so I did 10 tonight.  Tried to make up for that pizza!!!  For snack tonight I had two Sweet Moments and a few of the new cheesy bar-b-q cheetos that Kris made me try!!!  Oh and they were good I might add.  
I think I did ok today,  again I'm going at this slow and easy because I want it to stay off.  Realistically I'm pretty sure I can't lose 30 pounds in 3 months but I was always told to set my goals high!

It's beginning to feel a lot like fall around here!!  I am loving the weather and the cooler temps!  Trying to not leave you picture-less again today so here are the girls around this time last year!!

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Robyn said...

Thanks Girl!!

Add some vinegar when you go to Subway, but no oil. I cannot stand vinegar, but I can't taste it when I get it on my sandwich @ Subway. I lived off the grilled chicken wraps w/ no lettuce from Sonic when I first started my diet. There is something about soggy lettuce that I can't take. LOL!!