Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

Man oh man I sure hate to see this weekend come to a close...three days off is always great!!  But the bright side for me is it's a 4 day work week and then I'm off for a week!!  Whoohooo!!! Anyway...we didn't do too much this weekend, we did go to the horse show, had dinner with my wonderful parents and just hung out around the house.  I worked on stacks and stacks of clothes of the consignment sale that is coming up next week.

I just had to share these pics from before the horse show the other night.....oh my goodness isn't she the funniest little thing ever??  She is so rotten!!!  And then Kaylee, haha, I think she is cracking up laughing at Kara Brooke!

Tomorrow will be a rude awakening for both these girls as Kaylee has to go back to school and Kara Brooke has to go back to daycare!
They both got to stay with Nana all week long and you know what that was like, S-P-O-I-L-E-D!!! I think one day they went to Chuck E. Cheese, another day they went to the Discovery Center and to Steak n Shake.  On Thursday night Kaylee had softball and went home with a friend and didn't come back home until Saturday so she missed out on Nana time Friday but KB got to go to the park and to "Donald's" or McDonald's to the rest of us.  Nana is so good to all of us, we are so thankful for you Nana and we love you sooooo much!!  Thanks for your help this week!

And here is my silly girl again!  You just can not get good pictures of her anymore...she just has her own personality and basically we just go with whatever, when it comes to KB.  I just pray that it is the terrible twos and that it will pass!  It will right???

Kara Brooke has been invited by a Children's Boutique to come do some modeling for them in a couple of weeks......could you please go ahead and start praying for me now???  Who knows what she will do or what kind of mood she will be in or if she will even put the clothes on!!  Oh my....we shall see!!!

What did you guys do this Labor Day??  Do we really have to put up the white shoes and white pants and such???  Nahhhhh...
Although I am very welcoming to fall.  Our weekend weather spoiled us it was like 50ish in the morning and then barely got out of the 80's!  Ahhhh just right..for some football!!

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