Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kara Brooke is 10 months old!

Did I really just say 10 double digits???? WOW!!  It seems like her first year is going by way faster than Kaylee's first year did.  She is doing so many new things and she has one funny personality.  She is standing up and letting go.  She has taken three steps and then down she goes!  She wants to eat everything in sight and says "UMMMM" to let you know she wants some.  New foods that she is feeding herself are peas, carrots, biscuits, all of the Gerber treats {her favorite is the yogurt bites} Cheetos, crackers and anything else she can get in that little mouth!  Her babysitter has feed her ravioli and chicken noodle soup.  She still only has two teeth but seems to be working on the top ones.  She is laughing out loud and KNOWS what NO NO is but thinks that is funny too!  She dances anytime she hears music by shaking her head and shrugging her shoulders.  She LOVES her big sister more than anything {other than eating} and calls for her all of the time!  She is just as precious as she was the day she was born and makes us KNOW that our family is complete!

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Robyn said...

She is just too cute!!!