Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend & early birthday gift

We kicked our weekend off at the softball field of course.  We played the team that beat us in the preseason tournament championship game.  So we all knew it would be a rough game but our girls came out hitting the the ball well and never looked back!  Kaylee had one of the best games ever.  She hit the ball well, got on base all four times but it was her defense that really stood out.  She plays 3rd base and man she did great.  I mean really great, I lost count of how many out's she tagged but it was quite a few! The coaches took them to Dairy Queen for a little ice cream treat afterwards!
Our weekend fast pitch tournament in Lawerenceburg was cancelled Friday night due to storms that were predicted to hit Saturday morning, I was so glad they did!  I did nothing Saturday and I mean nothing, other than fixing meatloaf for dinner!
Sunday I got up and cleaned the house, while I was working away I came back in the den to get the vacuum and found this....

...awww baby girl was helping her Mommy!  Later in the afternoon we went to Nana's to eat our Sunday dinner and enjoyed a little time outside!

Nana surprised Kara Brooke with an early birthday present!!  A new wagon with a canopy!  We are planning to take it to the ball parks to keep the sun off of little miss.  It is the ultimate Radio Flyer wagon, complete with two padded seats that fold down flat or one that folds to make a table, a ton of cup holders and a storage bag! It is AWESOME.....thank you sooooo much Nana!!  I just know it will be used a ton!!! 

Ha!  Daddy told the girls to hang on, that he would pull them home!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  We are gearing up for another busy week!!!  Only five more weeks of school too!!  Whooohoooo!

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