Friday, October 26, 2007

Our accident prone child

So this morning we get up and Kaylee says to me, " Mom my foot hurts I can't hardly walk on it", of course I'm thinking WHAT!!! As you will remember it was this time last year that she broke the growth plate in her right foot, so of course I was terrified thinking that something was wrong with that foot or maybe it was the weather or something. Well of course as I looked at it, it was not the right foot it was the left foot and yes it was swollen. So I'm racking my brain trying to figure out what she has done. She said she didn't fall or anything and I didn't see her fall so why was it swollen? Anyway....Kris took her on to the Dr. and they said it was just a mild sprain but if the swelling doesn't go down to bring her back next week. We still have NO idea what she did to hurt it and may I remind you it has only been two and half weeks since she got her arm out of the hot pink cast!

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jpasalakis said...

She's going to run out of colors for casts pretty soon. Hope the swelling goes down.