Thursday, February 7, 2008

25 Weeks

Here I am....25 weeks, where has the time gone? Dr. Moss informed me that I will see Dr. McGown in March and then after that it is every two weeks and then every week. I have gained 18 lbs. total so far, man that is a lot and the last trimester is when I am suspossed to gain the most, whoooooooooo...I'm going to be a whopper!

Weekend stuff:

Friday night Kaylee is going to a birthday slumber party. Saturday I have to work then Kaylee and I have tickets to the Hannah Montana 3-D concert movie in Murfreesboro. After that we are going with my parents to Babies R Us super store in Nashville. Sunday Susan and I will be going to Jennifer's in Nolensville for a basket party. Busy weekend I say!


Susan said...

Note to everyone not only is Holli my Best Friend in the whole wide world but I also get to work with her everyday and she is NOT a Whopper. She looks great and her belly is the only thing growing.
( meaning lil Miss is getting bigger not Mommy.)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Susan. Your belly is so darn cute! You are definitely glowing too. Jennifer