Friday, February 15, 2008


That is right.....Kaylee's little sister's name is Kara Brooke!!!!!!! Thanks to all of you who joined in either by the comments section or emailing me. I knew it wouldn't take long! The winners came in as follows......
1. Andrea M.
2. Sandra H.
3.Patsy S.
4. Jennifer P.
5.Ali B.

Thanks again to all of our friends and family who are so interested in our growing family! We love ya!


Patsy said...

Oh WOW,, I won, I won,,,, to celebrate, I think I'll go on a Caribbean cruise.... ha, ha, ha Congrats to the Adams. Just a few more months to wait...

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful name. I love it....I'm goig to call her Kara B.

TheWattFamily said...

What a beautiful name for what I'm certain will be a Beautiful little girl. Congratulations!