Sunday, February 3, 2008

Friday night we had two very special guests at our house, Kris' friend David and his wife Shannon from Hattisburg, MS had been to a class in Memphis for a couple of days and decided to come on up and visit us for a few hours. We were so glad they got to come. Kris hasn't seen David in eight years and of course I had never meet him and David had just recently got married so we both got to meet his so sweet wife Shannon. We went out to eat at Chili's and then came back to our house for a little catching up. Neither David or Shannon had ever played the Wii so that was really fun, I think they really enjoyed it, they both are very competitive people so I think they will probably own a Wii within the next week! They didn't get to stay long but we truly enjoyed them while they were here and can not wait for them to come back when they can stay longer!

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Susan said...

Kris looks like he was really excited to see his friend! Sounds like yall had a wonderful time.