Monday, February 4, 2008

I failed!

Well today I am an offical flunkie!!! Not only did I fail the glucose test, I also failed my iron test!! Dr. Moss has been checking my iron every so often to make sure that it is at normal levels because with Kaylee it stayed really low and then as most of you know I ended up having to have three blood transfusions. But anyway....Dr. Moss thinks that my blood sugar was high because of the infection in my tooth. She said that infection will always cause sugar to sky rocket. I did not know that! She also said that iron tries to eat up infection so that was probably why my iron was so low. Didn't know that either! So this crazy tooth is the culprit of all my failed test today! Wednesday I go back to the Endodontist to finish this root canal; hopefully if the infection is gone. Monday I go back to Dr. Moss for the three hour test.

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jpasalakis said...

That is crazy! I didn't know any of that either. It's so strange how your body tries to regulate itself.