Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday! The Easter bunny made it to the Adams' house last night. This year he didn't leave a basket he left a new bike!!! Wheewwwwhoooo!!! We are supposed to get our driveway paved, actually it was supposed to be done two weeks ago, but....that is another story....anyway we talked it over with Mr. Big Ears and decided that a new bike would be great. Kaylee has a bike at my Mom's that she rides in the cul de sac but everyone needs a bike at home.


Susan said...

Nice Ride. Maybe after Kara Brooke is born we can take KK and E-man to the park and ride while we walk and I push KB in the stroller!!

Susan said...

Tell KK her and JJ must have been really good because the Easter Bunny brought him the same chocolate bunny

Patsy said...

Man,,, the Easter Bunny has gotten better since I was a kid. Real nice set of wheels and you are right,,, a kid needs a bike at home.