Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Monday's Dr. report

Dr. Moss was on call so it was pretty much a blur Monday afternoon, of course I waited forever on her and she was with me all of ten minutes, MAYBE! Oh well, I guess I will get my time with her in a few weeks and someone else will be waiting two hours on her. Anyway....she didn't check me, she just checked Kara Brooke's heartbeat, measured my belly and talked longer about my swelling than anything. She wanted to know if I was still working and how long I stand on my feet? Of course I was thinking PLEASE don't put me on bed rest....please don't put me on bed rest......she said just make sure I continue to keep my feet up and lay on my left side as much as possible and something about support hose. My BP and weight was exactly the same as last Monday.


Patsy said...

Hang in there Holli, Kara Brooke wants to get here probably as fast as you want her to. God knows what he's doing,,, just trust that.

Misty said...

Hey Holli, I had the same trouble with the swelling. I got some really good shoes at Dillard's. They recommended Merrills, but I got a similar brand and they helped alot. I also took a boppy to work and sat it in my chair and sat on it while I had my feet elevated and that made a HUGE difference. The only trouble is when I went back I was so uncomfortable in my chair that I had to bring back the boppy and I am still sitting on it to this day. :) I came home every night and took a warm bath and read while my feet were propped up too. It might be worth a try. Not much longer though! I love the name too!