Friday, May 2, 2008

Any day now..

So we had our ultrasound this morning....and everything was great! Kara Brooke is very healthy and very BIG! Are you ready for this.....she already weighs 8lbs. 15oz. Oh yeah ladies you read it correctly one more ounce and she will be 9 lbs! Everything about her was huge but thank God she is very healthy. Her legs are so long that she has her big foot tucked up by her chin. The ultrasound tech never said how long she is except, "whew this baby girl has got some arms and legs on her!" Also she had one hand on her forehead and one hand on her belly, it was soooo sweet! So with all that said Kris and I just knew that Dr. Moss would do something today....after all they are supposed to gain half a pound to a pound a week and I still like two weeks...whewhooooo.....I think NOT! But after talking with Dr. Moss for awhile today we decided that our best option is to still try to make it to at least 38 1/2 weeks. There is a chemical that develops inside the babies lungs that when she comes out it will allow the lungs to pop open and function on their on. On the ultrasound her lungs are functioning very good but of course that is with my help. If that chemical is not present when she comes out her lungs will be like a wet balloon and stick together and she will have to be on a ventilator, which we for sure do not want! The only way to tell if that chemical is present is with an amio test, which Dr. Moss said that was an option today but we decided against that, I mean what is another week versus that risky test. If Kara Brooke doesn't come on her on by May 12 then she will induce me then. But Dr. Moss seems to think she will come on her on. My fear has been that she would be so big that I would be in labor FOREVER and then have to have a C-section. Dr. Moss said that when I go in labor either by myself or induction that if at any point I feel like I can't get her out or if they think I can't get her out they would stop immediately and we would go for a C-section. As Dr. Moss said a lot of times the first child "paves" the way for the second and it is easier to have a bigger baby the second time around. She was going to have a meeting with all the Dr.'s at noon today and let them know what we have decided on since she will be out of town until Wednesday. She doesn't want them to "force" the baby. With Kaylee that is exactly what happened, I pushed for two solid hours and she was stuck and then Dr. LaRoche used forceps which at that point I was so tired and flustered that I didn't care. Then that night I couldn't even hold her because I had been in labor for nine hours and was just so tired. Even as scary as it seems to me that she is only getting bigger by the day, I really appreciate Dr. Moss sitting down and weighing the pros and cons with us. As she said some Dr.'s would just say oh she is big enough lets go ahead and take her but babies will come on there on when THEY are ready and it always goes much smoother! With all that said as we where leaving Dr. Moss says, "Any day now...we could have a little one......"
That was all the exciting part the regular stuff was that I had lost 4 pounds, BP was up slightly more than usual (but as I told Dr. Moss' nurse yours would be too if you had just found out that you already have nine pounder in there)Kara Brooke's HB was 154, still dilated to a full 3 and no more thinned out than I was Monday. Whewwwww what a day!


Patsy said...

Holli,,, try 28 1/2 hrs in labor... trust me,,, NO FUN. They had to give me a shot to stop everything, so I could get a nap so I'd have enough energy to push some more. That was before epadurals. Medical technology is so much better now. It's getting closer

Kim said...

Seriously - I bet you will lose more weight. BECAUSE she is getting it all!!! Obviously!

Good luck!!