Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Swim party and awards!

Saturday night was the end of the year swim team party.  The rec center was closed to the public and was only open to the team and their family.  The night began with swimming of course then pizza, more swimming and then concluded with the awards program.  I am always so proud of Kaylee no matter what...but she really out done herself swimming this year.  She received the most improved swimmer award and the trophy was absolutely beautiful.  She also received 8 scadittles which meant she improved her time eight times throughout the year!!  I thought that was great, what more could I ask of her?  She was so sweet on the way home she said, "Mom thank you sooooo much for supporting me this year in swim, because I REALLY, REALLY enjoyed swimming! And next year I will have two more supporters, Nana & Kara Brooke!"  That is right baby girl add two more to the cheering section for next year!  (Nana stayed home with KB this year so that Kris & I could enjoy the swim meets, even though Nana was about to die to see her know Nana don't miss anything when it comes to these two girls!)


Coach Erin & Kaylee

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amy said...

Congrats to Miss Kaylee! I know Mommy and Daddy are so very proud. Also love the hair cut, but she looks so grown up!