Monday, August 25, 2008

Thanks to everyone who came to Burger King night to support Liberty School.  They had a great turn out

Check out Kara Brooke holding herself up on her elbows...such a big girl!

Kaylee sends out a HUGE thank you to Jennifer P. for the box tops!

Happy Birthday to Me-Me!
We went to Olive Garden to celebrate her day!

While we were at the Olive Garden Kaylee had her Daddy pull a tooth.  Check out that gaping hole on the bottom of the huge smile!


MJ said...

Speaking of box tops (I have a bunch I need to send your way, Cheerios is doing some 6 week challenge and is giving away $6 worth of coupons per person who signs up at:

Free Cheerios and bot tops!

Susan said...

You know we wouldn't miss out on the BK night!! lol

I can't get over KB setting up like that it doesn't seem like she should be doing that already.

Tell KK I'll get her some box tops ASAP!!!

Andrea Brian said...

Hey, I will keep my eyes open. It is a Ballard design piece. There is a Ballard Backroom, which is damaged, small damaged pieces, returns, etc for this company her in Atlanta. I went there, but thier pieces were around 500.00. It might be worthg calling every once in a while to see if they have it. The place where I got it so cool. Basically it is different antique dealers. Check the flea markets. I am sure wiht Kim's help she could teach you how to distress something very similar to that piece.

Kim said...

Yeah - just ask! hee hee

Email me your address - I've got a ton of box tops I was collecting for someone else who no longer needs them. I will start collecting them again for you guys!!

Patsy said...

Great Pix of the girls.... and as far as Kaylees gapping hole goes,,,, I see it different. I see that as a childs $$$$$$$,,, HELLO TOOTH FAIRY!!!!

Thirty-One Gifts said...

I'm glad she got the box tops. I'll keep saving them! Thanks for the thank you card :).