Wednesday, October 1, 2008

2 new things

Last week Kara Brooke started eating from a spoon.  It only took her about 5 tries to realize what was going on.  After that, this kid was chowing!  It is so funny because you just can't get that spoon to her fast enough, she opens her mouth just like a little bird and if she has to wait too long she will arch that back and kick those little feet.

Tonight Kaylee was playing with her and all of a sudden out of nowhere comes the biggest belly laugh!  Oh my goodness it was hysterical and of course she kept doing it.  Just a couple of days ago we were talking about how she smiles so big but has never laughed, she would make nosies but never a for real laugh.  Here are a few pictures of her laughing, I got some video but again I can't upload it from my Mac.  {still waiting on someone to help me with that, possibly Eric P.} 

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Amanda said....
That girl is precious! I hope I get to hear that belly laugh sometime soon. I love it when they do that.