Sunday, October 12, 2008

5 months old

Guess who is 5 months old......
Can you believe it, I sure can't! She is growing so fast and learning so many new things. One being this...

She has learned to blow bubbles and SOAK herself, I have finally learned to keep a bib on her.

{notice the bubbles and drool in both pics}
Thursday night we went to parent teacher conference. I didn't really know what to expect since Kaylee got a check mark on her report card for needs improvement on "controls talking". After talking with Kaylee's teacher I learned that all but two children got the same check mark. Mrs. P. had nothing but GREAT things to say about our child...she is very smart, very observant,very caring and on & on....Yeah I could hardly get out of the front doors of the school because my head was so big! :) Also she told us that Kaylee is one of four kids that is in the AR (accelerated reading) program. What is that??? Glad you asked....she has to go to the library pick out a book that has a green dot (that is her reading level), she brings it home reads it and she has to comprehend it, when I think she is ready to take a test on it, I have to sign her "sheet". She goes back to school logs on to the classroom computer, finds her teachers name, her name and enter her 6 digit AR number, then enter the book number, match the title of the book to the author of the book and then begin taking the test. I think that is a lot of steps for a first grader. When we asked her about it she is like,"Yeah Mom AR is soooo easy and I love it!" Great baby girl, I am so glad you love to read! It was so funny yesterday afternoon she was reading the comics in the Sunday paper.
{Excuse the hair in her face}
And while we are talking about this little cutie, I must add that her soccer team won again this past Saturday, they are now 5-0. Kaylee normally plays goalie and she understands that goalie is a very important person on the soccer field and that she doesn't get to score. This week we had a player not there and Kaylee got to play striker and she scored three goals! She was very excited about that but she was more excited that our goalie Taylor O. had a shut out game, that means that Taylor didn't allow any balls past her!! Kaylee said, "Mom I don't think people really understand how hard goalie is, it is harder than scoring sometimes. And Tay didn't allow ONE to go in! She had a shut out game!" I am so proud that she noticed the hard work of others and wasn't just thinking of her 3 goals! Congrats ALS soccer team!

Saturday afternoon we had a chili supper at our house for my Mom's side of the family. We had the best time. The kids played, rode 4-wheelers and when it finally cooled down we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores!


Susan said...

KB is getting so big it is hard to believe she is that old already.

KK I'm so proud of you keep up the good work.

Oh and is that cups I see at your party? Was there a change of plans I wasn't aware of?

Patsy said...

I know you are so proud of both of your kids. They can be so different, but fantastic in their own right.

The Howard Family said...

You have 2 very beautiful little ladies there! I just LOVE KB's fat little legs....they are just precious!!

Anonymous said...

Kaylee Adams...I have to brag on you girl!!! You had an awesome game again today! You did some hustling. Congrats to you and the rest of your team for a great game! Love, Miss Amy