Friday, November 21, 2008

Kara Brooke is sick!

We took Kara Brooke to see Dr. Bradley yesterday and she has an ear infection, well a small bit of fluid behind her ear.  Wednesday night was awful until I figured out that she would sleep if I was holding her upright.  I know nothing about ear infections, Kaylee has never had an ear infection other than swimmers ear.  Dr. Bradley seems to think we should see a tooth in a day or two.  She put her on an antibiotic and a cough/decongestant.  KB did a lot better last night she seemed to sleep fairly good.  I ran the humidifier and kept it cooler than normal.  So say a little prayer that this  "Cutie face" will feel better soon!


Susan said...

Ethan sure is missing his Cutie Face at Sheila's. I hope she is better soon. Give her hugs and kisses.

Robyn said...

Cutie Face fits her perfectly!! Hoping she feels better soon.