Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas and are so very thankful for our family and friends.  This Christmas we had a "wake up call" as my aunt had a very serious wreck last Sunday after we had finished our family get together.  We realized that life is more precious than any Christmas present that anyone could ever buy, thankfully Wendy got to spend another Christmas with us, as God had his arms wrapped tightly around her.  After a stay at Vanderbilt, two surgeries and confinement to a wheelchair for 12-14 weeks and possibly 2 more surgeries within the next year she is on her way to recovery.   I will not go into the whole what happened {only because it infuriates me} but I will say please people don't allow someone who does not have a drivers license behind the wheel of a car especially a 13 year old!! Anyway...We LOVE you Aunt Wendy and know you will not be down for toooooo long and good luck with that knitting!

Here are few Christmas pictures from our "tour".

I have tons more pictures that I could share with you due to the fact that I received a new camera {Sony alpha 300 digital SLR} but I'll save them for later!


Problem Solving of Surgery said...

Merry Christmas.


Problem Solving of Surgery said...

Merry Christmas.


Robyn said...

I'm glad everyone had a nice Christmas!! Your girls are too cute!! A good book to get to learn a little more about your camera is "Understanding Exposure." I've got it you want to borrow it. It helped me to learn and understand how to shoot in manual mode.

Thirty-One Gifts said...

The pictures of the girls are too cute. They look like they are going to grow up to be the best of friends.

Papa Eric can help you with your camera. We take so many that we had to get a separate hard drive just for pictures.

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