Friday, December 5, 2008

I got tagged!

RULES:  Go to your picture file.  Choose the 4th file....then the 4th picture in the file, POST it and explain the picture.

Jennifer Pasalakis tagged me! This picture is from Kaylee's 5th birthday party that we had at the park.  She is with three of her favorite friends; Taylor O., Kayden F., & Hannah R.  Look at how little they are.  So sweet!  Thanks Jen that was really fun to go back and look at some old files!

Now I am tagging the following 4 people:

Can't wait to see your 4th file, 4th picture!


Anonymous said...

Taylor and I love this sweet picture. Haven't our girls grown? Out of curiousity I went to our 4th file and it was Taylor's 4th birthday. Thank you for the memory!!! Amy

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