Thursday, February 12, 2009

9 months old

Guess who is 9 months old......


My little pumpkin is 9 months old, it is so hard to believe that she has been on the outside of me now for as long as she was inside of me!  She is doing so many new things and is developing her own little personality!  She is pulling up on everything and then "cruises" around whatever she is standing at, she will even let go and reach for other things and then she falls down and starts all over again.  She loves walking, I mean running in her walker!  She understands peek a boo and cracks up laughing!  She is trying to patty cake.  She loves her "treats" {as Kaylee says} which consist of the Gerber puffs and Cheerios, Cheerios being her favorite!  Still NO teeth! She used to like to take a bath but now thinks she has better things to do and HATES it when the water gets on her face and tries to climb out soaking everything including me!  She knows what "No No" means but doesn't always abide by it, she will even shake her head no!  Loves her big sister so much...she follows her everywhere!
We go to see Dr. Susan Johnston (since Dr. Bradley is on maternity leave} on Monday, I can't wait to see what the stats will be!

Here is a video of her eating a Cheerio and then running in her walker! {Sorry the quality isn't good; it is off of my cell phone.}

And here is another one of her....

Please remember to keep Korley Davis {Donald & Becky Davis' daughter} and also Mason Shavers {Bubba & Mary Leta Shavers son} in your prayers.  They are both going through some really hard times right now and need to be lifted up in our prayers.  If you need more information on either child, please email me!


Susan said...

Wow where does time go!! She can really go in that walker them videos are funny!!

Andrea McCullough said...

It is hard to believe that she is already 9 months. I love the videos she can really move in that walker.