Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Could it be?

a TOOTH?  Oh yes it is.....FINALLY Kara Brooke has cut a tooth!  Last night she went to bed about 8:30 and seemed to be sleeping good then about 1:15 she started crying, screaming and tossing & turning in her bed.  I went in there and tried to console her but nothing was working.  Bless her little heart she was so tired that she wouldn't even open her eyes.  Finally it occurred to me that it must be her teeth, so we gave her Tylenol and teething tablets and I rocked her for about 15 minutes and she was out.  We didn't hear anything from her the rest of the night.  Then this morning when Kris woke her up....there it was!  She is so funny because she continually runs her little tongue over it.  I would say any day her other little right one will cut on through!   
And while we are talking about firsts; Kara Brooke got her first bruise tonight and of all places guess where it is on her forehead down toward her left eye!  Poor baby!  Have I mentioned that we have decided that Kara Brooke is going to be a climber?  Well if not lets mark it down She WILL be a climber!  I have a little wooden bench that my Uncle had made for me when I was little (I'm sure you have seen it in some previous post} it was in the hall way but I have moved it to KB's room to put her Hello Kitty on it.  The other night I left her room for no more than 3-5 minutes and when I came back she had pulled up to the bench threw Hello Kitty on the floor and the little stink was standing up on the bench with her hands on the wall!  Oh me..............

Kaylee is in the middle of Jr. Pro basketball at Liberty and is doing really well.  She says she loves basketball. {YEAH!}

Don't forget Once Upon a Time Children's Consignment Sale begins Saturday morning and continues until next Saturday!  If you have not shopped this sale before you are really missing out.  It is the most organized place you have ever been too probably better than most full time shops and they have A LOT of good consignors!  So if you get a chance go on by there I know they would love to see you!   (There you go Andrea a free plug 'cause you know SOOOOO many people read "Adams Party of 4"!}


Andrea McCullough said...

Thank you for the free plug I do appreciate it. Congratulations to KB on her first tooth. She is growing up so fast. I am glad Kaylee is loving Basketball I know it is your sport! Gracie seems to be enjoying it also and learning lots from her COACHES!!

Susan said...

FINALLY!! I know you are happy and I'm sure she is too!!