Thursday, February 26, 2009

Report Card day!

Another six weeks has rolled on by and Kaylee had another great report card!  Straight A's again and her spelling average went from 101 to 102.8!!  She makes us so proud!  Sometimes I wonder how she does so well and still manages to get "needs improvement" on controls talking!  Hummmm... I guess she likes to socialize like someone else we know! {Her Momma???}

Stayed tuned for a sneak peek of Kara Brooke's 9 month old pictures!  


Susan said...

So did she get another check mark? LOL I thought she had worked on that. Bless her heart she gets it honest!

Patsy said...

One of these days, that socializing will help her get further in life. Don is always saying something about me talking to strangers. I love meeting people and hearing about their lives. So Kaylee got a check mark. If that's all there is to worry about, you got it made... LOL